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Le temps passe vite, bonne formation par contre emploi très demandant physiquement devrait commencer a 18 $ /h selon me me rendement.

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Le temps passe vite, bonne formation par contre emploi très demandant physiquement devrait commencer a 18 $ /h selon me me rendement.

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Café gratuit

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Petit shift
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No proper training when enrolling into a new position. Lack of respect for employees. No recognition for hard work put in. They treat you like a machine. Alot of backstabbing. Not a team work environment. Every man for themselve's attitude. Overall, high stress, for little pay = not worth it!

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Weekly pay

Points négatifs

Union dues and alot of taxes off pay
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physical demanding job

took 4 years to reach the top rate here, around 30/h, depending what position you are in, good benefits after 1 year of employment. the management will push the new hires very hard to get the work done on time. productions is before safety
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Starter Job.

Is a starter job. Really hard starting out, but you get used to it. Staff is friendly, work is hard and constant, and the pay is mid. There really is not much to learn or the expand upon.

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Points négatifs

Can constant work
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Overloaded work with few employees

Positive environment. Supervisor is very helpful and supportive of your goals and developments. Working style is flexible and no uniform is required. Just that we always have too much to do. It's very pressured, high demands, and never ending. Forget about work life balance, they try to promote this but it is impossible to have it, maybe it is pleasantly only when you are the director positions. For my situation I wish they hire more workers..but I know that they won't. Finally you definitely will learn a lot here like you have not imagined. They are very supportive on developing their employees to have various knowledges and skills. No one is telling you what to do, but you must meet the deadlines nor matter what. They don't care if you have to work overtime or every weekend, just know that there will be no compensation for it. Cus if you are unable to cope with the deadlines you will have a problem, they will give you more work that you will finally want to quit. Your career will not grow and just stuck there.
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Good job but stressful and long hours

You get paid to exercise. Good people to work with. Don't expect to see your family much during the Christmas period. Pay is not on par with our coworkers in the USA.
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Pretty fun and relaxed

I’ve been there for 6 months and so far it’s the best job I’ve had. Great for students or just teens in general, the whole team is super nice and not to hard of a job to understand. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who’s searching for an easy but also physical fun job.
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people are awesome

the employees are great, and always ready to help the newbies. downside is they send you all over and it's a warehouse, if your not in excellent shape, you will be.. Bring a fitbit, you'll hit 10 000 steps every day, halfway through your shift.
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Physical demanding labor

You'll be pumping muscle everyday. Expect to stay later if your shift doesn't meet their quota. Once you get better, they're start putting you in the trailers to stack packages. A little bit easier but you'll be on scanning duty. If you scan too many wrong packages, they'll start addressing you. Easier said than done considering how much package output there is and how often your trailer partner fails by giving you the wrong packages to stack.

Points positifs

Decent workout

Points négatifs

The pay doesn't equal the labor
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The job is a really good experience it’s just that they have low pay I would love to go back if they would be hard againWish they were hiring again..

Points positifs

Funny varmint

Points négatifs

Low pay
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Productive, fast paced environment

Great place to work at despite the fast paced environment. Many great customers to work with and compensation is fair. While there could be improvement by the HQ/Corporate office side of things, the overall franchise is ok.
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Fast paced, especially in the holidays and sales event

Fast-paced work, where you have to put in much effort to pull out packages in the cages and sort them out in the van. 1 person will be given 3 to 4 trucks to fill depending on the load of the area. Pros of UPS is the benefit for the students as they can get a very good tuition reimbursement for the effort in working in this place.
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Ok work place some people you work with makes it fun but things need to change

Looking at UPS from the outside it seems great but went you inside it's something else ,trying to become a driver they pick and choose people without evaluating your knowledge as driver when you're a hard worker it seems they want you to work harder and the people that don't want to work jus relax

Points négatifs

Very little hours they only say 5hrs but u gotta be a driver
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Fast paced labour intensive environment

Working in the warehouse was a fast paced and physically intense job. It was enjoyable and the company had a good work life balance and great benefits. The harder you work the more hours you’ll get.
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Seasonal Delivery Assistant (Christmas)

Was paired with a driver I was able to get along with. Perhaps this was an exceptional circumstance that I was fortunate to have bestowed upon me. The ability to make good friends with your driver or partner can make the day go by much quicker and potentially increase stress tolerance.

Points positifs

Exercise, grateful customers.

Points négatifs

Little to no break time, high stress.
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Don't Bother working at this place

Typical American company, with toxic American work culture. Grinded out in the warehouse, dusty, noisy, inadequate ventilation and temperature controls.
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The job isn't exactly fulfilling, but it pays well, and it's rather simple work

Pay and benefits are quite good, many different employee discounts, vacation pay percentage you receive goes up after set times, etc. There are several perks. However, the work can be frustrating, and stressful. Although, that happens with any work. The upsides certainly outweigh the negative aspects, if you ask me.
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Fast paced busy work environment

I enjoyed working with UPS, some days were more challenging than others but at the end of each day I felt fulfilled knowing I completed my daily tasks without quitting.
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They treat their workers poorly and management is quite inconsiderate. I had a dull, depressing experience at this company. I would not recommend anybody to apply here.
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Not fun

There are many better places to work out there. Don’t come here and waste your time. It hurts to work here and you always have to do your best and you don’t get anything in back.
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Good money

Good Carrier scopeNeither too long hours not even less hoursI started working as a package handler and now loving working as a management person.
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