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Decent place to work

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Easy place to work most people are friendly. Cleaner than some places I've worked in. It's on a bus route in quelph.Supervisors then weren't much to be desired, but they are management
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Nice place to work and for self development.

Trimaster is a nice and good place to work and develop your engineering knowledge mostly in the use of different measuring tools and engineering drawings. I have no regret working at Trimaster.

Points positifs

Not too stressful job as long as you know what you're doing. Nice Management and a very organized, understanding Production Manager.

Points négatifs

Action not taking for people not doing their job as it should be.
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Ok place to work

The place is ok. Nothing special. They give training if you are interested in learning. If not, nobody is going to bother you as long as you do your job. There is NO option to further your career as it is a very small organization.

Points positifs

Paid break and Free coffee!!!

Points négatifs

Management is not very supportive sometimes
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Collaborative workplace with opportunities for advancement

I have recently started working at Trimaster and have appreciated the work environment. As the recent Production Manager I do encourage others who are looking to get into the CNC/Lathe industry to come on board with me. I consider my interactions with people to be positive and everyone seems to be working to the same goals with teamwork. If you are looking for an interesting product line and being part of exciting company growth don't hesitate to reach out to Trimasters HR team.
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High stress environment (RUN WAY)

Well, In the 4 months that I worked there I saw 14 people leave. No matter how capable you are, you will never be an efficient worker in the eyes of the owner or supervisors. He will always know what's best(even though he has no clue how to run any of the machines). There is no job advancement it's all lies. It took me months after months to try and get any advancement for pay. Be prepared to be micromanaged, understaffed, and belittled constantly.
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good environment

Work arrangement perfect ,supervisor friendly, environment safy, surport office worker timely give a hand, work management is excellent, BBQ every month at summer time .
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Terrible company

Rude and dishonest management and HR. No raise for yers , if they like you you get one! They force people to run 3-4 machines at once. Disorganized place, unhappy employees, very negative atmosphere in this place. Turn over rate is very high
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Good Machine Shop

One of the cleanest shops in the area. Air conditioned. People are great. A few bad apples that complain a lot but most are good to work with. They make you pay for smoke breaks.

Points positifs

Great people. Clean shop

Points négatifs

Straight midnight shift for me.
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Nice place

Its an ok place to work until the bum crack heads see you driving a nice veichle and try to get you in trouble other then that the work atmosphere is relaxed as long your machine is running your free to sit down and take the load off your feet while your machine is running its cycle that was why I enjoyed this
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Good place good people

Nice clean facility, made some good friends, was treated well, work hard and it will be recognized, was there 15 yrs ,I miss it. Many good memories thank you

Points positifs

Good people

Points négatifs

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Scam. I was treated like dirt.

Worked there for 2 years and was given minimal training. Job consisted of loading machine with parts, and pressing a button to cut the part. You do that for 12 hours, thousands of times. When a machine broke down/faulted out, supervisor would get angry. If you don't finish your job, supervisor will write you up and bring it up during a review. If you do do your job, no one cares. They give the easy jobs to certain people, and dirty jobs to me. Sometimes when there is no work to do I have to clean the plant for the entire shift. I was missing some pay hours on my paycheck from time to time. Someone stole my tools from my locker and they told me tough luck. Very dirty environment. Also at the last hour, everyday, the supervisor will lock himself in the room and not talk or help anyone. Amazing.
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I was stiffed my weekly pay

I was assigned this plant from a job agency. On my first paycheque, I was only paid 34 hours for working a 40 hour week. I let it slide, but the same thing happened during my second week. I asked my job agency, and they told me that my supervisor at Trimaster did report I only worked 34 hours even though I came 8 hours everyday for 5 days. Even if I had missed a day, the math doesn't add up. When you are with the agency, your time sheet is filled up by pen and paper, so it isn't reliable and it's easy for anyone to just change the numbers of hours worked. They ripped me off a few hundred dollars and when you are desperate for work, fighting for those missing dollars isn't worth the effort.
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terrible place to work, unprofessional management

poor management, are only care about their pocket, human resources don’t care about employees either and poor health and safety, bad company morals , brown nosers get away with everything.

Points positifs

some good coworkers

Points négatifs

pressuring employees, lack of training, helps
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poor work enviroment

Working here is not worth it. You will not learn anything worth putting on a resume. The job is just loading parts into a machine and taking them out. There is a lot of cleaning duties because the factory is always generating filth. I spent a majority of my time moping the floor and wiping down machines and scraping gunk. The supervisors did not properly train employees. They expect you to just load machines and make their daily quota and move on to the next day. The pay is also very poor and not worth it since the work is very stressful. There were also days where there was no work available, and they sent me home without pay. I do not recommend staying here for more than a month.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

hard and dirty job. poor pay.
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Worst factory in Guelph

Very stressful environment to work in. Machines are in poor maintenance and very dirty. They dedicate one shift per month just for employees to clean the plant with mops, rags and scrapers. Management is also very poor as they only care about making numbers. There is one supervisor who plays favorites and will assign easier jobs to operators he likes and spends a lot of the shift chatting instead of working. There is also pressure to employees to spend hundreds of dollars on buying their own tool box and tools for themselves. Yes, you can borrow tools to work with, but you have to wait and sign them out, and return them which can take up production time, and people generally don't like sharing their own tools to their is an unspoken pressure to own your own tools just to work. By tools I am referring to basic ones such as wrenches, hammers, and deburring tools. Yes, a lot of the job involves deburring parts manually all shift. Sometimes thousands of parts per job. The pay is also very low, breaks are not paid.

Points positifs

Barbeque every couple of months.

Points négatifs

Poor management, dirty and unreliable machines, tiring manual labour.
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great work environment, professional development, challenging careers, and competitive compensation

Trimaster is an opportunity for anyone who wants to grow with a company. We have fun events, Christmas parties, monthly BBQ's, anniversary recognition

Points positifs

Great atmosphere, Work/life balance
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Managment was poor and pay was not equal

Alot of really great people work on the floor here which made it barable but most of the management staff was unprofessional and rude. Pay was not very good either, they would pay employees who looked good on paper but preformed poorly much better then the hard working and exceling ones. Also you only got 20 minutes for lunch and no other breaks.

Points positifs

Co workers

Points négatifs

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Simple Job Shop

Training is very slim to none.Very Friendly People. Hardest part of the job is measuring dimensions of machined products. Overall this place of work is more enjoyable than Linamar.

Points positifs

Great shift premium for afternoon and night shift

Points négatifs

Not easy to get a pay increase.
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Productive work envirnoment

I enjoyed working at this company. Most employees are friendly and willing to help other employees excel and succeed. Although other employees were very insecure. Great learning experience
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Dishonest management

My previous comment wasn't posted, guess it was too mean. Couldn't stand the incompetence of some supervisors and specially the dishonesty of HR and management since day1. That place is constantly hiring for a reason, because there's too many people quiting.
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manufacturing company

the place is very negative and all the people are negative and sometimes the decisions made on jobs are very poor. i did learn a lot of things but not enough for me to stay.
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