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They don't have enough staff for the workload and it most certainly was not an equal work load between us and putting in extra hours went unnoticed. They have no training plan in place and I was being shown things after months that I should have been shown week one.
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fast paced and rewarding

I've been with the company several years. I enjoy working with the staff and feel that the opportunities are there for the people that want them. its an environment where self sufficiency is key. The is a lot of work but for me it helped me become more efficient & prioritize better.Management is great but does need a nudge once in a while to recognize when an event or staff outing is due - the monthly company lunches/ bbq's are a great way to kick-back.

Points positifs

challenging, fast paced, rewarding

Points négatifs

sometimes too much work but also sometimes not enough - such is construction.
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Amazing Company

Working at Traugott has been extremely satisfying from the moment I started almost 18 months ago. We work hard and the workload is endless. Multi-tasking and thinking for yourself are definite requirements for a career here. Most of the management will help whenever they can. The culture is very family orientated. Most of the staff has been here for a long time, which translates into job security. After about a year you really feel part of the family. There are issues in every company the key is to push through and never stop growing. The best part of my job is having a purpose and being part of the team. The hardest part would be the inefficiencies, but overall it is a thriving company with amazing staff.

Points positifs

Growth and Development
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Great Company

Working at Traugott was a great experience for me as they introduced me to many different types of work and people to learn from in the field. The experience and knowledge I gained from working on site has also helped me out with college, making some concepts much easier to understand because I have hands-on experience with what the professor is trying to teach.
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Great place to work with a wonderful team!

I have been with Traugott for a few months now, and have found it to be a great place to work. As a newcomer to the construction industry I have been shown aspects entirely new to me . Everyone has engaged to train/teach me including Management/upper management. Sharing corporate and individual knowledge encompassing the company, the business and my role. Traugott has a great group of employees, who are friendly, welcoming and always open to teach. I am happy to be apart of the Traugott team.
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Fun place to work

I have been with this company for almost 2 years now it is a fun place to work. There are great hard working people here. The office layout promotes a strong team environment. Great culture. Feels like a family. Paid well for the role and area! Easy access to Highway for those who commute. Long tenured employees, some have been here for over 30 years!. Its a fun place to work, with flexibility.
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Nice office

Nice new office building. The large open office space encourages communicating and socializing with other employees. Good compensation for your time as well flexibility as long as you get your work completed.
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Administration at Traugott

Within weeks you notice the clique within the office staff by constant gossip being spread around the office. Often the criticism received is not constructive, managers do not listen to concerns or suggestions. Things are always expected without communication. When you raise your voice about concerns, the HR manager would tell everybody about it before addressing it properly. Not very often are you acknowledged for the good work being done. Very minimal advancement opportunities. If you enjoy working in a place that feels like high-school and enjoy drama this would be a great fit for you.
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Tough Place to work

Tough Place to work. New office with very little communication. Short notices of Changes. Long distances for clients with little info from clients and even less with communication from Clients.

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Points négatifs

Excessive Info from Employer with little resolution from Client
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Great, Established Construction Company!

I would recommend working for Traugott in an instant. Great work-life balance, there is a want to help you succeed and progress in your career. In Estimating there is always something to do - and the Management gives clear and concise instructions as to what they expect. The company is generous with the pay and benefits - Company culture is inclusive! I've been apart of some bad organizations but I can say 100% that Traugott is NOT any of those!

Points positifs

Work Life Balance/ Pay & Benefits
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Great work environment & place to work

I have been with this company for a few months now and I can truly say it is a great place to work. The staff is friendly, they have a good environment/ culture and overall is a nice place to work. You don't usually see a lot of long tenured staff at organizations anymore, but this organization has numerous staff that have been employed here for 10+ years. Work/ life balance is great, they understand family values and know everyone has a family to go home to. You are busy but not overworked. There is a consistent workload which is needed because I cannot sit back and clock watch. I need to keep busy and this place provides that. I highly recommend Traugott as an employer!

Points positifs

People, Environment, Work/life balance, Internal Growth
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Poor Environment

A disorganized Hot Mess, moral killing environment. I was treated like a Donkey. Vancouver Management is elitist and belittling. You are spoken at, not with, people are over worked and concerns go unheard. Brain Damaging. Not enough staff. Not a recommended environment for anyone to have good work life balance. Choose to work elsewhere.

Points positifs

A few good men

Points négatifs

Vancouver management
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Couldn't organize a banna fight in an ape cage.

This job was mismanaged from the get go in 2016 when they entered the BC market, three site supers in 3 months as well as a high turn over for project managers.

Points positifs

checks always cleared

Points négatifs

where to start . . ?
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find another job

worst job ever, negative environment, nickel and dime all their trades, if you have another opportunity available take it, this is not a place for long term employment

Points positifs


Points négatifs

the entire company
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productive and supportive environment

I learned a lot about the process of what goes into bidding on job contracts and the estimates created. The estimating staff around me was extremely supportive and helpful.
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Worst Place to Work

If you like being degraded in front of others and talked about behind your back, work here. The female management is the worst I've ever worked for. There is no confidentiality between management and other staff, especially in the click, manager tells these people everything. The male management like to turn a blind eye to the nonsense that the female management is pulling. No wonder they have a huge turn around. It would be a good company to work for if they clear out the female management staff that are causing the problems and making it look like the ones that quit were the trouble makers. Maybe the President will wake up and catch on as to why the same problems keep happening. HUGE STRESS working for a female manager that doesn't have any experience and lacks the professionalism required for her job. The best part of my job was quitting.

Points positifs

Birthday lunches

Points négatifs

Female Management
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