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I think the quality of customer service of U Travel & Tours was average. Managers have their own way to deal with their customers; for example, my general manager likes to talk a lot with the customer and she has very good customer service in terms of icebreaking skills and following-up skill. Most of the tasks which were given to me were research some tourism products, such as Eurail, flights, vacation tour packages, and hotels for the clients. There were other co-op students so that we worked together for collecting the information of the tourism products. Sometimes we needed to call tour operators to get prices of the products, and we shared the information each person got. It was a very good opportunity to work with other people in business environment. The most important things that I learned during my field placement are that helping and respecting customers, obtaining knowledge and showing enthusiasm. I had to think customers are always right, but the reality is different from what the customers think.
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