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Les horaires sont-ils fixes ou plutôt flexibles chez Toys R Us?

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They need full time open availability from you but have no hours to give you in return. No guarantee to get atleast 20 hours a week. You are pretty much doing an on call job. Available all the time with no hours... what a joke.

The hours are flexible somewhat. However. You need to be FULLY AVAILABLE but you don’t get full time. I was given full time year round under a side agreement. However. In general. They don’t give full time except to department managers. But they expect you to be available for any shift. Which does make it hard for the other people to balance life budget etc.

Very flexible working hours

For some employee they don't mind so they get a set hours, but the others they don't mind for getting flexible.

The hours are usually set unless you talk to the managers and explain why you need shorter hours or less/more days to work

Flexible if you mention ahead of time.

No, hours are set

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