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What is the job derscription of a employee in the stamping department ?

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Support the production process through assembly of product, operating machinery or equipment, ensuring product is produced to customer specification.

Primary duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
1) Lift work piece manually or using hoist and secure work piece in fixture or loads automatic feeding device.
2) Start machine, engages feed, and observes operation.
3) Inspect and measure manufactured work pieces to verify conformance to specifications as required.
4) Move machine controls and guides to adjust machine as needed.
5) Replace worn machine accessories as needed.
6) Tend machine and equipment.
7) Perform duties in compliance with set procedures.
8) Maintain good housekeeping practices at assigned workstation.
9) Maintain and complete necessary reporting.
10) Communicate all abnormal situations to supervisory team.
11) Perform sample inspection, and testing of parts, components, and materials as needed, to determine conformance to standards.
12) Adjust work procedures to meet production schedules.
13) Must be flexible and able to work in all areas and in your department regardless of duties listed above in order to accomplish TTCA goals and objectives.

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