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It's ok, paid ok, 8 years to hit top rate of $37 /hr

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The work in assembly is hard in your body and you'll probably be in a job in assembly for 10 to 14 years. You're paid ok, starting salary is $23/hr and it takes 8 years to get to top rate of $37/hr. Rotating Shift work is terrible on you and your family. 9 hour days and 10 hours afternoons/nights. 4 hour Saturdays sometimes mandatory on day shifts. Benefits are ok and pension is ok. When you start you'll be on contract for roughly 3 years. You get to pick one week vacation and will have an extra week off in the summer and one in the winter.

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They pay you

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You have to work there
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Job security

Toyota provides job security and a decent wage to provide for your family. You will work hard for your money. Very fast paced continuous work environment non stop. This being sais if you are looking for a job for life no layoffs good benefits and raises for the next 10 yrs till you reach full rate . Toyota provides stability
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Working at TMMC

Maintenance jobs are basically assembly line operators, not too often get to use trade skills Low morale due to management 3 Shift rotation not healthy
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Is your personal life worth the money?

For the most part, Toyota is a decent company to work for. Pay/vacation/job duties all great. Management surely makes questionable decisions at times and if you want to advance into a supervisory position you better know how to toe the company line. HR basically non existent compared to other places i have worked and always seem to side with company/management even on trivial things that seem black and white. This does have negative effects on the work culture.But if you can stay out of the BS and keep your head down, the day to day is pretty good. The only issue I really have with this place are the hours they expect you to work. As a Maintenance Technician I am switching my shifts every week, including working a "day shift" which I have to be at the plant for 5:30am in order to be able to start on time. They will mandate you in to work Saturdays, and with the shift structure, you really have no true weekends at all as night shift drags into Saturday morning. If work life balance isn't a large concern for you, and you're looking to make some good money, I would recommend this job. If you're not looking to give up your personal life for money, Id say steer clear of this job.

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Not bad

The money to start, coupled with the earning potential is great. Met some really good people there. Having to work 3+ years to get full-time is a little much. Not good for families with kids as it is shift work.
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If you like money more then yourself or family this job is perfect for you, prepare to be treated like a child from management, who like to tell you when you can go to the bathroom, talk, work and such.
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Good company but poor management

I worked in production line in Woodstock. All the managers are the same. All play politics and politics nothing else. They just want you to work no matter what. HR people will show that they are caring for you but at the end, NO.
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Treat you well at home and poorly at work.

Toyota gives you great benefits and pay, so when you're not there it's a great company to work for. However, on the job is a different story all together. The work-load is inconsistent between jobs, with some being so overburdened that it is almost impossible to compete them in the allotted time while the person beside you can do their job in half the time. When this issue is brought up, you are asked "what are you going to do about it?", which is encouraging since Toyota does offer you the ability to improve and make changes to your processes. That is completely negated by how difficult it is to get those changes to go through. The process to submit those changes is convoluted, and little to no guidance is available on how to navigate that process. They also provide no time for you to submit those changes, making you do it on your own time, or on paid breaks. On top of that, the culture is "us vs. them", which makes getting buy-off on those changes extremely difficult. Advancement is possible at Toyota, but be prepared to wait a long time. The application and interview process requires you to jump through several hoops, and then wait in a long line to get that promotion. Beyond that, you have to wait until you're hired permanently from your contract before you can begin the process. Someone I know took 3 years to finally get a position. The hiring process is another thing all together. They hire you as a contract worker, and you remain as a contract until you complete a mandatory amount of time as one - which changes, but the shortest wait I've heard recently is - 
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You are a machine. You breakdown, they replace you. There is no work/life balance. The days and nights are long. The pay is not good enough considering you will ruin your body. 90% of the workers in my area were either injured or had been injured.
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Legit joke to work production

B shift team leads, supervisors, managers, are all lazy,very talkative away from doing the job they are assigned, politics play a huge role in keeping your job, after being wrongfully dismissed for absolutely killing the SAF parts delivery run,which nobody else could handle doing , I started a business. And now I make more money in 6 months than mostly all of production control combined
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Great place to work

The work is physically difficult, prepare to sweat. The people are pretty good, some are great some are not. I would still be working there if I had not become a single mother. The shift work made it impossible for me to be the kind of mother I needed to be without a partner.
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Fun Area to work in minus the current management.

Fast paced, repetative work. Good paying job for the work necesary. Hours of work would be the only drawback. Job Work/Life Balance tipped heavily in favour of Job Work. Questionable management at present.
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Very physical place to work. If you're not able or willing to physically move without stopping for most of the eight hour shift (10 hr shifts sometimes), then this is not the place for you.
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Fast Paced, Good pay

The shifts take a while to get used to but they are long shifts depending on overtime. It's very fast-paced and you need to be careful about each detail, and maintain health and safety rules at all times. Most coworkers are very nice and I've made new friends there.
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My worst experience

1-Make sure you record everything because they just use their regulations whenever they want to use them against you. They don’t apply them to their people. 2-You basically must say “yes” to everything otherwise they don’t want to keep you 3-There are behaviours because of their plant culture which included discrimination, isolation,racism etc
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Not good place

It's full of stressful people bad comments and in fair treatment They don't care about contract people less wages the same work load as permnant worker .less vacation .no respect for diversity and different cultural.all on the web site about mozaique is a lie.
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Over all good environment

Working at Toyota found it, relatively a good working condition, no much pollution, though noise. The only problem I see at Toyota is that their probayion period is long, three years. Even if you have other qualification somedy wants to switch, he or she must wait three years. Otherwise it is generally good working at Toyota according to my experience.
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Productive and fast paced on the assembly line

Quality control inspection involves responding to assembly line concerns or part fitment problems. This includes emailing suppliers with clear and detailed photos. The part verification process can sometimes be frustrating if an engineer needs to be called upon. I enjoy working with suppliers and other team members to achieve my daily goals.

Points positifs

good money and free coffee on production Saturdays

Points négatifs

Long hours with overtime and mandatory Saturdays
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Hard on the mind and body

My time at Toyota started out with me being very eager to learn this new field of business. Very quickly I learned it was very hard on my body, to the point of me ending up injured. Poor communication from management. I agree with other reviewers, it reminds me of high school behaviour. A lot of people have been helpful but most are not. It's hard doing the same job as others that make much much more than me.
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stressful and difficult to learn

long process and employees feel like you are just a number, poor communication between company, stressful jobs but good training and always someone able to help you out
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Used to be good until the 10 year grow-in

The money seems decent at first, but 10 years is a long time. (I was hired before then and made top rate at 4 1/2 years) You will be on "contract" for the first 3 years during which time... Your benefits are limited (no dental or long/short term disability) Your semi-annual bonus is 1/2 of what a full-timer makes. You get 1 week bookable vacation as well as 1 week in mid July and 1 1/2 weeks from Xmas to New Years's. That is the stuff that is "in print". What's not in writing... You are treated like a 2nd class citizen. Veiled threats to your job security are a regular occurrence. You can be moved to any shop or line or plant at any time. You better not get hurt or complain that you hurt, as they will do everything in their power to 'push" you out of there. You better not have any kind of disagreement with any level of management, no matter how justified, as they will "push" you out. Until you are full-time you just work there, you're not an employee. Anything you are promised when first hired can be taken away easily until you are full-time (pension, wage progression, vacation to name a few) Once you are full-time they can still take away whatever they want, whenever they want. I only stay because I make 80-90k/year (which took me less than 5 years) and get 7 weeks of vacation (5 of which I get to choose) If you don't believe me, or if you're OK with what you've read, try it out for a month. You'll at least make a few thousand and get a free pair of work shoes, prescription safety glasses and some clothing.
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