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Been many years and im just plain done and exhausted!Work life balance sucks and any time you have too tired to wanna do anything!Whole environment was better 10 years ago.More appreciation of workers.The shifts are garbage!Alot of up on their high horse im a big man management!Pay isn't worth it anymore for newcomers!Trust me keep looking!

Points positifs

some good people, great pay if you're there a long time

Points négatifs

Everything else
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Decent place

Provides you opportunity to learn a lot. The environment is not very stressful and the company takes care of you. The rotating shifts can be a problems sometimes thoguh
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Fast pace

If you’re willing to have no family life, feel exhausted every single day… Go for it! I worked in QC and absolutely disliked it! The people who are ready to retire within the next 5-7 years were the most miserable people I have ever worked with. The money is not great at all, it takes 8 years to make full wage and roughly 4 years to even get hired on full time. Worst place I have ever experienced. Why are they always hiring?!! Think about it

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Points négatifs

Mandatory OT, miserable people
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Let me tell you, I gave them over 20yrs. Of my life and always represented TMMC. Very well.There was not too much support .You were more on your own.

Responsible for the testing and approval/non approval of all Raw Materials coming into the plant.Reporting out everyday to Engineering, Suppliers and my Supervisor. I learned to be efficient and resourceful. Although the language barrier was a little tough, the Japanese were very kind and pleasant people.The hours of work were long but the Perks were good.

Points positifs

Good money and Benefits.

Points négatifs

No comment
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Productive and fast paced on the assembly line

Quality control inspection involves responding to assembly line concerns or part fitment problems. This includes emailing suppliers with clear and detailed photos. The part verification process can sometimes be frustrating if an engineer needs to be called upon. I enjoy working with suppliers and other team members to achieve my daily goals.

Points positifs

good money and free coffee on production Saturdays

Points négatifs

Long hours with overtime and mandatory Saturdays
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Long term has it's benefits, if you can stick it out.

10 year grow in to full rate is difficult but,... Wages are still higher than most competitors. No layoffs. Lots of overtime (varies due to market demand). Great benefits. Paid days off. Advancement opportunities. Ergonomically friendly (heavy lifting processes have assist equipment). You can talk directly to management. Harassment free environment. Training opportunities. Most jobs are repetitive, but you are provided rotation to different jobs. Afternoon shift can be difficult for some people, but it was my favourite shift. TMMC provides you with uniforms and PPE. Attendance policy - if you don't like to go to work, don't bother.
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Its ok

Toyota isn't a bad place to work for. There are the occasional problems with management but its like that anywhere you go. The grow in wage gap is disappointing, but manageable and will get you by.
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Management is a joke and the amount of favorites they have is unbelievable. The woodstock plant is ran.terribly and there are people that should not be on the pay role.
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You won't have a life

A bad reputation for mistreating employees. Worked there ten years. Brutal place to work and worse hours.
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Production and quality

TMMC taught me to be punctual and work hard in a fast pace and quality driven company. I learned how to work with a large group of people to attain excellence in our work.
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Fast pace and engagaing enviroment.

It is a fast paced company that continually changes your work environment so that its more ergonomically and stimulating. Hours of work are dependent on the market requirements and go from 8 to 10 hours. Excellent benefit package and the salary is respectable given current economic conditions

Points positifs

Free lunches once a month

Points négatifs

Shift work
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Excelent Enviroment

It is a good place to work. Job security too low. High production and fast peace enviroment
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