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Production Associate36 avis
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2.0Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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It's ok, paid ok, 8 years to hit top rate of $37 /hr

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The work in assembly is hard in your body and you'll probably be in a job in assembly for 10 to 14 years. You're paid ok, starting salary is $23/hr and it takes 8 years to get to top rate of $37/hr. Rotating Shift work is terrible on you and your family. 9 hour days and 10 hours afternoons/nights. 4 hour Saturdays sometimes mandatory on day shifts. Benefits are ok and pension is ok. When you start you'll be on contract for roughly 3 years. You get to pick one week vacation and will have an extra week off in the summer and one in the winter.

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They pay you

Points négatifs

You have to work there
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Boring, draining, tiring and toxic.

You will have no social life with mandatory rotating day/afternoon shifts with mandatory overtime Mon-Thurs and Saturdays. Most of your superiors will belittle you. Due to COVID, it is especially stressful working there as they have to catch-up on the downtime they experienced during the beginning of the pandemic. You will not learn anything here. Everything is precisely planned and they expect you to execute it like a robot. The majority of people who work here have been around for 10+ years (it was way better back then) and now they're trapped in a toxic workplace because they can't go elsewhere.

Points positifs

Overtime Pay

Points négatifs

Long Hours Rotating Shifts Tiring Work Easy to Learn
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Fast paced

Toyota motor manufacturing Canada is very fast paced working environment. The pay is really good but there's no growth. Hands would get sore after work.
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Soul crushing prison camp.

My review title isn't an over-dramatization. The place literally sucks the life out of people..... Mentally and physically. It's work meant for robots. With the exception of a few areas/jobs that are considered "preferred'.... You will be doing mind numbing work that over time will destroy your body and eventually your morale and well being. No amount of money is with this trade off. Some of the coworkers are cool but there is alot of backstabbing and childish games played out. High school mentality.... But this isn't uncommon with unskilled work environments.I've been out of the place for couple of years now and am very happy about my decision to leave. Make more money now (yes it is possible. Unlike what many others will say to you) and am definitely more happy with day to day life. Couldn't stand the shift rotations either. No work life balance whatsoever in that place.Thinking literally felt like I was in prison.Be warned.

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Too many to list.
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The company needs cybersecurity because it is a multimillion dollar company. The management system needs to be more active in managing the company. You have to know someone to work there or the employees do not accept you. The company does not have safety standards in place and the employees insist that when they hit you it is an accident. The team leaders participate in the activity of accidentally assaulting you. The competition is unfair. You are deemed to have 60 seconds to complete the job you are assigned to but you end up with half of the time. When you do eventually achieve your goal of completing your job in 30 seconds instead of 60 seconds you have your contract terminated. You are terminated because it took too long to figure it out and this to them is some sort of sign.

Points positifs

Free safety glasses and work wear

Points négatifs

It is not worth yourself to work there.
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It's better pay than McDonald's

Toyota doesn't care who they hire. If you go in thinking that because you have a degree, trade, or some sort of transferable skill you will get a better position or pay, think again. This is factory work to its core. It's akin to how I imagined prison labour to be like, hard manual labour with very little time to rest. You are disciplined for taking extra time to use the bathroom during breaks, and management harasses you if you don't complete your work within your alloted cycle time. Toyota is great for young people getting out of high school with no ambition to persue any further education, or those with no specific working goals. It's decent money for the type of work as it's higher than minimum wage, but it takes 4 years to be offered a permanent position, and it takes 10 years to max out on the pay scale at $36/hour. I have met people that have been there for 25 years and they earn the same wages as someone with 10 years. Progression and promotion is extremely slow and very challenging just to earn an extra $1.25/hour as a Team Leader. At the interview and on paper they tell you Monday to Friday, 40 hrs a week. In reality, the standard is 48 hours a week, with mandatory overtime. Day shift is required to work 4 hours on Saturday mornings, and night shift is required to work 10 hours Monday to Thursday. Sunday overtime is voluntary. Sure, because of the extreme amount of overtime, someone maxed out on the payscale after 10 years and who works 7 days a week can make good money. Toyota promotes the overtime as a job benefit to you, but then you have no personal life. They - 

Points positifs

Free coffee on mandatory Saturdays

Points négatifs

Everything else
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Over worked and underpaid as a contract

The shifts are brutal, no one cares about your hard work. They blame you when you get hurt, it’s a really awful work environment. Team leader and group leaders kiss so much butt just to get a stripe and a lot of them treat people like garbage because they go on these big power trips. Coworkers for the most part are great cause everyone is stuck in the miserable place together, but a lot of people are super unhappy and find joy out of making others peoples lives/day ruined

Points positifs

2 weeks holidays as contract(one is taken for shut down)

Points négatifs

Just about everything else
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Productive and super fun workplace to be

Great place to be come and joy us once covid 19 is over and things get back to normal. Toyota the Kaizen way... working smart and efficient to better your future

Points positifs

Free lunches often, with cool calm and collected colleague's

Points négatifs

Long hours sometimes...
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Applicant Beware!!!!

Let me start off by saying there is a reason they're always hiring and when they do hire it's a large groups of people all at once. From what I heard while I was working there from the people that have been working there a long time was that it use to be a really good place to when it was under management from Japan but after North American management took over everything started going down hill fast. After the initial first couple of months you wonder why everyone is miserable but once that month or so is up you begin to realize that the management here has no sense of organisation, leadership, and common sense. They believe they are infallible, love to abuse their power and when when you approach someone about the issue it is swept under the rug then you are blamed, made to believe its all your fault, that you are lucky to have a job there. Everything is done to protect the management there and if by some chance someone does listen no real consequence is given to them they'll most likely just be moved to another area and you'll have a nice big target painted on your back for all management to see. If after reading this you are still considering working here then I wish you good luck and I promise I won't say I told you so and I hope you start off on a good line with a good group of people working around you (in my experience this won't be an issue), knowledgeable TL's, and a GL that keeps to themselves for the most part.

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Points négatifs

Where do I begin.
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Good company but poor management

I worked in production line in Woodstock. All the managers are the same. All play politics and politics nothing else. They just want you to work no matter what. HR people will show that they are caring for you but at the end, NO.
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You are a machine. You breakdown, they replace you. There is no work/life balance. The days and nights are long. The pay is not good enough considering you will ruin your body. 90% of the workers in my area were either injured or had been injured.
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Great place to work

The work is physically difficult, prepare to sweat. The people are pretty good, some are great some are not. I would still be working there if I had not become a single mother. The shift work made it impossible for me to be the kind of mother I needed to be without a partner.
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Fast-paced environment

Fast-paced environment. Repetitive task. A good place to work. Shift rotation every 2 weeks. Moving options between Canada locations. Capacity to growth
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overall good job

family life is gone once working there, good company to work for, lots of money for those willing to do the hours. work environment can be stressful at times
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Reliable Job

Strong commitment required for good pay and benefits. Fast paced and busy work environment with lots going on. Good workplace job rotation so you're not doing the same process the entire shift.
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Was a great company 10 years ago.

Was a great company 10 years ago. This is not a retirement job anymore. Means to an end filler job until you find something better. I do not recommend if you have kids because you will be working more than home. Probation period is 3-4 years before permanent with benefits and vacation. 10 years to make top rate.
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Excellent company, job roles change quickly

Depending where you get placed in Assembly the jobs can be very physically demanding and repetitive which over time may lead to injury so it is in your best interest to go in physically fit
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Good place to work if your single and want to save money because there’s no time to spend your money. Gets better once hired permanently

The company is fast paced but guaranteed work. Although long hours and the shifts are long and at unusual times which made it difficult to manage life if you are single and want to save up some money it’s great!
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Fast Paced and Repetitive

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Inc was fact paced, difficult and repetitive on the body. It was hard to find a work/life balance with the shift work. The fellow team members were welcoming and supportive.
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lack improvement

there are a lot of things to be improved to make it better for employees and ergonomical but no one cares. Not a place for those with higher education looking for quick growth.

Points positifs

good pay and benefits

Points négatifs

take too long to be permanent hire.
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Good coworkers but bad management and worst supervisors

The work is so much physical, the work does permanent damage to many people. The Health center is worst as they only treat the people who are going to die. I do not recommend this company for anyone, there are other places that gives similar pay but better work.
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