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I've been at TMMC for approximately 1 year. I started in a preferred area and life was good - I was moved to another area several months ago and I am now constantly trying to be mindful of how I am reaching above my head to complete jobs. Soo many people on my line are hurt with shoulder injuries and franky I'm terrified - especially because I've noticed that team members who are hurt are treated poorly . It's been great for saving money, but I don't see myself here long term . I've been getting along fine in regards to team leaders and group leaders thus far, but I try to keep my head in the sand as much as possible. Favoritism is definitely present at TMMC as well. One other thing that I have noticed since starting at Toyota is that I am a zombie even on the weekends . I don't partake in a lot of things that I used to enjoy, which on a positive note is great for saving money .... If you do want to work here, I highly suggest you speak up if you're sore, go to medical, do whatever you have to do to keep your wellness in check because I cannot stress this enough - they don't care about you and they will go on without you. Take care of #1.

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Shift work, always sore
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if you want to hate your life, work here

Probably the worst job I’ve ever had, the shift work is not easy. Primarily because the job sucks. repetitive and just annoying, simply put. I dreaded every single day.

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Lots of hours

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Shift work, not enough pay, negative environment
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Toyota TMMC

I worked for Eurest contract under Toyota TMMC and this place is huge, but you don’t maintain it by yourself. Lots of crew members helping clean! Awesome environment
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If you enjoy spending 10 years of your short life making 40% the wage of your coworker, getting 0 vacation to their 7 weeks, and having no control/freedom over the job you do( the Toyota way is a robotic pattern, learn it or fall behind attitude), not have any job security(as a contract worker 3+ years, a layoff equals 0 ei), getting talked down to by any full time worker who feels like..... then this is the place for you, in other words a good job if you are a good soldier and fall in line and can wait 10 years to feel like an equal for the work.
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Good company

Thank you for the opportunity, I learned so much about the industry and my personal capabilities. New skills and time management and met some wonderful people.
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Toyota will work you to the bone and pay you little for it

Toyota used to be a good place to work in when people got paid competitive wages, good benefits and proper pensions. This has all changed unfortunately, so working there makes no sense at all because you'll destroy your body, will probably get divorced eventually and have nothing to show for it once you retire. Regarding safely, on paper it's important but in reality they don't care. The health center in the facility is almost useless and favours the company, not you. Team leaders are supposed to be off line and support the line right away once it goes down but lots of times you are made to wait . They supposedly have other tasks too but you normally see them sitting around doing nothing, chatting it up with other team leaders or going for walks as they are bored. Very difficult to accept when you are on the line watching all this going on. Turnover for new hires is incredibly high, I've been at the company for 7 months now and so many faces have come and gone it's incredible. They are desperate for new workers as many leave quickly once hired since the new rate of 20 bucks an hour is not enough to keep people working their tail off. People hired 3 years ago and before have much better wages and benefits compared to you and this is difficult to swallow once you start working there.

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free monthly lunches, good co-workers

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lazy team leaders, bad management, low pay, long hours
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