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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Une surperbe experience et des rencontres magnifiques

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Pas une journee ne se ressemble, et chacune d'elles ammenent son lot de surprise. Les gens y sont dedies et tres souvent a l'ecoute des autres. Les styles de management sont tres eteroclites ce qui parfois entrainent des performances par services, a double niveau. J'ai effectue des recrutements, un processus different d'en Europe, qui m'a fait evolue dans l'approche de l'autre. Des collaborateurs avec un reel esprit d'equipe et d'une grande cohesion. Ce qui est un manque cruel dans d'autres services. J'y ai rencontre des gens formidables qui pour certains sont devenus de veritables amis. Un experience de vie unique!

Points positifs

Autonomie, des colleagues genereux, des gens a l'ecoute, une grande solidarite

Points négatifs

Manque de leadership, peu de vision strategique a moyen et long terme
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Dull workplace

No job advancement whatsoever. Poor pay, no $$$ increase hopes.Information is mostly kept secret and is almost useless when is released, poor communication. Vacations restrictions. Archaic work procedures.Performance is not motivated in any way.

Points positifs

Somehow flexible hours

Points négatifs

Poor pay
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Professional environment.. Great team.. Exceptional team lead and management

Professional environment.. Great team.. Exceptional team lead and management... Friendly coworkers.. Always ready to help and support... And appreciate the hard workPayment is not bad.. But could be better!

Points positifs

Benefits and paid vacation +sick days

Points négatifs

No salary increase and mileage payments could be better
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Non-inclusive, authoritative management

Shortest and worst work experience of my career, I immediately recognized the followingYou are set unreasonable targets.Products are behind in technology, compared to competitors but they compete on far lower pricesNo confidentiality or autonomy in HR.Company is basically own and directed by 1 person. Decisions (HR, Sales, Purchasing, IT, …) are all made by him - managers are in positions without any authority. All are micromanaged.No room for improvement nor recognition for outputs.Company is not opened to suggestions for improvement- “yes Sir” culture.Bonuses and small salary increases are across the board and not performances based, hence if targets are met or not, everyone gets an increase hence no motivation nor rewards for excellence - failures are also rewarded.

Points positifs

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Productive and fun workplace

I learned a lot of things…it’s a very good school for sales. The sales manager is very helpful and is always there when tou have questions. There’s a nice team chemistry.
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Great team to work with!

Toshiba is a great place to work. Very good training and the best support you can get from your team and team lead! Always working as a team and value their employees. They compensated you fairly and provided great benefits. Friendly work environment!
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Lack of Vision

Most new employees perceive Toshiba as a large international Company with room for growth and career advancement. The reality is recent employees do not last since employees perceive that Toshiba is not living up to their end of the deal of providing career development and various benefits in exchange for the work they do, hence they’re less inclined to live up to theirs, often becoming disengaged, displaying passive aggressive behavior or letting work quality slip. Employees who are there has been there for over 25 to 30 years, hence an ingrained culture and resistance to change and ideas from new blood. This is reflected in their corporate logo which has changed from " Toshiba - leading innovation" to just "Toshiba". The company has changed names at least three times in less than two years. So much for forward thinking. If you are laid back, has no ambition, looking for just a job, pay and go home, Toshiba may be for you. If you are looking for a challenging career, proper management, motivation and career advancement, this is not the company.
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Toshiba was great

Toshiba was a great place to work. They worked as a team and valued their employees. They compensated you fairly and provided great benefits. Made great friends there.
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A Eviter

Culture d'entreprise 0 managment 0 possibilité d'avancer 0 J ai passé 2 ans et demi c était les pires
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Travail très techique mais très valorisant.

Travail valorisant. Très demandant parfois et aussi assez physique. Matériel tous fourni par l'employeur. Prime de compétence versé 2 fois par année.
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A day in the life of Toshiba—bad company culture

Poor internal communication, micromanagement, hyper-competition, focus on profit, office gossip, poor management & leadership, & no office discipline.
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Good place to work

The majority of the staff were amazing to work with. May fun company events for team building. The salary was very good and the bonus was as well. .....................................................................................
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Human Rights violator

VP refused water for life saving medication to a disabled employee, in revenge for request work place accommodation, forced imprisonment and refused to call E.M.S.

Points positifs

Subsidize cafe somewhat

Points négatifs

Poor working conditions, low moral, corrupt HR
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Company is slowly winding down in Canada

not investing in any new technology, president and senior executive team are not up to speed with new advancements in technology or social media etc...
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Productive and Fun

Great place to work, always something to do and people are professional but laid back as well. I enjoy working with all the full-time employees on the day's I am in (temp work) , .
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Very good company

It is a very good company and I had a great time working there. The co-workers are really supportive and the working environment is very good as well .

Points positifs


Points négatifs

long hours
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Great customers base to work with

A typical day includes managing accounts as a primary service engineer and performing service tasks as required. The culture in the workplace is not great and there is a lack of recognition for hard work or team work. The best part of the job is helping the customers who appreciate your effort

Points positifs

job security

Points négatifs

too much travel and no room for advancement
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Challenging high-technology sales & marketing environment

My role as a Regional Sales Manager provided me the opportunity to set my own schedule, interact with my many dealers and their customers, and combined the excitement of outside sales with the stability of managing a dynamic network of channel partners.
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Joining the MED Club

I worked in the marketing of medical systems department at Toshiba. It was a great learning experience and a lovely, tight knit place to work. I really enjoyed it.
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horrible place for sales of Mfp

Back breaking. No inputs given by the management. Most of the Major accounts Handled by a few seniors. Negligible training. Long sales cycle.

Points positifs

Fantastic Brand

Points négatifs

No Concrete trainig
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Heavy Multi Task

Performed EFT, Federal payroll deductions, wire transfers, cheque payments, and credit card reconciliations • Performed complex balance sheet reconciliations and prepared and entered correcting entries • Responsible for scanning all invoices and archiving all vendor voucher packages, including filing all cheques with the packages for auditing purposes according to established policies • Responsible to do yearly audits on vendor master data, determining if a vendor is still active or inactive, for the purpose of cleaning up the systems in Oracle Discoverer
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