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3,1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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too much mirco management

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wont tell anybody to work there they seek around behind peoples back to make themselfes look good upper management does understand the difference between oil work and civil
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Foreman needs supervisory training ASAP

Belittling Operators, Can not give directions, only show how. Consultant says do one thing, Foreman says do another Total waste of time , DO NOT WORK HERE, lots of other great places out there , stay clear . Went through 5 Operators in 2 weeks,and management doesn't see the problem
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Top grade is a joke

a typical day is a typical day if your a "friend of the foreman's" I learned this company scams workersNo subsistence for rain days You pay the hotel.Nobody should be subject to lies

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the whole company and their monkeys, what a bunch of scammers
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An excellent company to work for

An excellent company To work for good hours great office staff and foreman just an all-around good company Work as many hours as possible until the rain came and when it was over straight back to work. Older equipment but In good condition

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Good pay long hours

Points négatifs

Older Equipment but still kept up
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Unorganized. Dontcareaboutyouorfamily

push u till u break They don't give care about you or your family. Don't give you any job security. Push you to run illegally over hours illegal loads won't stand behind you if u do get caught. Junk equipment and poor mechanics

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home most nights

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equipment is junk dont fix properly
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Great place.

Great/fantastic place that I spent many years as low-bed operator... left due to lifestyle changes in my world, nothing negative to be said about them personally or in their work place..
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Productive and there was a new area each week or two

- Be at the job site by 0630, have a group safety meeting then head out to start up machines. Work until about 1700pm, did basic maintenance on the machine every night. - I learned how to run a packer and tractor, and do filing for the company. - Management was organized. - My co-workers were polite and helpful. - The hardest part was getting up early and driving to my work place (which could be 30-120min away from my house). - The thing I enjoyed most was meeting new people and learning how to drive new, different machines.

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Got paid to drive to work

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Long hours and only rainy days off and some holidays
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