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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Par rapport a l’ambiance, c’est agréable lorsque tu travail seul, mais quelques fois demandant de travailler en équipe. Par contre, ils ne sont pas reconnaissants pour les efforts que vous faites pendant vos quart et un manque d’humanisme.
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Bad workplace to work

Don’t work over my tims, bad management ,bad people ,no job security tims hortons hart highway never ever worked for them. It will give you mental and physical stress. No appreciation, no benefits, inflexible schedule

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Points négatifs

Mental and physical stress
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Blood is thicker than water

The location I worked in did not give us a raise like all the other essential work in the surrounding area. Even Giant Tiger gave their staff a 4$ an hour raise. This was very disappointing and discouraging to us because we deserved notoriety for working hard and fast and efficiently.

Points positifs

Free coffee at breaktime and tips

Points négatifs

No acknowledgement and lots of favoritism
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Wouldn’t recommend. Don’t care about their staff and work them into the ground. Only lasted nine months here because of how terrible it really was!!!!
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Good Student Job

Depends on management really. Some days were good, some were you know… Customer service. Shift depended on who’s working that day, and who’s managing.
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It ain’t good. It’s got to be one of the worst job possible you can get. They gave our paycheques a week late and act like it wasn’t a big deal. They also give no raise
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Really great for high school / post-secondary

I worked at a tim hortons for my entire high school career and I found it to be the perfect job for a student. The hours were really good with the potential to pick up or trade off your shifts if you needed more or less depending on your situation. You can easily get trained on different stations which can open your availability to more shifts.
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Usual work for fastfood chain

It is your usual workday at some fastfood chain where you take orders from customers and then you input those orders for a machine to process. Nothing more special than other fast food chains
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Okay place

Pretty good place to work at, can be very stressful, if part time you can choose how long you’d like to work a week and they usually follow it.If you can handle a stressful environment they you will do okay.
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Stressful and fast paced

Drivethru times were very pushed on you and very stressful. The food and drinks were pretty fun to make if it wasn’t so busy and on a time crunch. If customers were waiting for their orders at window for more than 30 seconds average a day we would get in trouble.

Points positifs

Great co-workers

Points négatifs

Very demanding and fast paced
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Fast paced

Good job for beginning and you learn lots like working in a team environment. There is a minimum wage job but if you work there long enough you can be promoted. There are several menu items to memorize
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Tim hortons is a good place to work at if you are part time.the job pays really less and it usually is really stressful.plus if you don't have a good manager it sucks
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Training was really poor. There was no official training and manager would hack me if I didn't know something. Toxic environment and I felt like there was no support from management.
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The job in itself was fine. As a baker, you maintain donut shelves, bagels, and other food items. Which is alright as you can learn the trends of the guests and have things prepared ahead of time. The structure from corporate to the individual stores are standardized and they don’t see the inefficiencies of trying to be that fast coffee place and having a giant menu - probably bigger than Starbucks at this point. Everyone suffers because corporate and franchise chain owners expect you to do more than one job at a time and write you up when you can’t keep up with it. It’s ridiculous.

Points positifs

Discounted Lunch Items

Points négatifs

Management from corporate down to the franchisees.
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coworkers are fun to work with, stressful during mornings since there are many customers, low salary for the work that we do, benefits could be better
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Tim hortons is a great place

It is a great place to start and build your customer service skills, but to make it in Tim- Hortons you have to be firm with your demands and try to stand out from the other employees in order to progress.
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Productive and fun environment

I really enjoy working here together with the friendly staff, the good management. I do really work hard. Some of the challenges are when I have to run back and forth to and from the freezer to bake. But the most enjoyable part of working here was the environment and the supportive staff
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Fairly flexible shifts

Pros: Fairly flexible shifts. Gaining customer service experience. Cons: Standing for long hours even during slow periods with no customers. Overall good experience.

Points négatifs

Standing long hours
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They expect too much for what you're paid.

Head office is so out of touch with staff and it's customers. It would be beneficial if the head office employees actually worked in a restaurant. They seem to sweep most issues in the rug such as the labour issue cased by covid. I am a salaried employee. To make up for the staffing issues I work over 50 hours a week. There is no work life balance whatsoever. We are degraded at least once a day . We are sworn at by rude customers. Expect to work your butt off for minimum wage. If you are looking to work in a QSSR there are better options out there than Tim's

Points positifs

Coworkers become family

Points négatifs

Long hours, under paid and no work life balance
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Fine for Minimum Wage

It is what it is. Fast paced, can get lots of good hours. Never get paid enough for the hard work you’re doing. Management are always jerks, but your coworkers are normally fine
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Productive, very busy, shift goes by fast. Very accommodating. Lots of fun and laughs.

Tim Hortons is the busy place I have ever work. If you love fast pace and you are a hard worker, management and owners acknowledge you and appreciate you very much.
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