Tim Hortons
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Why would you want to work at Tim Hortons?

17 réponses

You get that warm fuzzy feeling. Kind of like being part of a cult.

I don't! But things can change over time. New owner purchased Tim Hortons a couple of years ago, who currently own Burger King. So things can be different.

There is a lot to learn about customer service

I like there work and life balance

A first job experience and getting used to fast-paced environments that keep you on your feet and require organization, cleanliness, and time management.

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If you were a student and needed a decent part time job with friendly co-workers

Id love its history i am tinking its over a bussines its one part of canadian culture and i like it

Because it's fun there.

It was a great environment and if was nice to have cash to use when i wanted

Very fast past work , love working with people an helping coustmers

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