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When do I qualify for health and dental benefits?

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  • Doesn't matter. Benefits usually cover 80% of costs, but you don't earn enough to pay the other 20%.

  • Current Timhortons employee. I’ve been working full time for over a year and a half now. I’ve only now decided to sign up for Health and Dental insurance. I am being told that, because I am a late applicant I will not get my dental insurance until after a year.
    To answer your question, according to policy at my location in London, you qualify for Health insurance after 6 months, and Dental after 1 year. But now I’m being told that my dental insurance only takes effect after a year from date signed; and not from date of employment. I asked for HR’s number just so I can ask some questions and the lady asked me why I needed the number ? I told her just so I can familiarize myself with my rights and gain a better understanding. She then told me that when I come in to sign the forms then I can ask her the questions I have. She did not give me HR’s number. Does anyone have a PDF copy of the most updated employee Handbook?

  • After 1 year

  • After 6 months if you make it there

  • After 1 year full time

  • Six months after start (for Tim Hortons)

  • Yes I did and the benefits are so awesome.

  • Only as a full-time employee after probation period

  • After your probation time.

  • You qualify for benefits after the 3 month probation time of working

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