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What should you bring to an interview? What's the Tim Hortons dress code?

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Come as you are. If you have a pulse it's good enough.

I just got Hired from Tim. I dress casual. They will be provide the uniform for employee.

Your best clothing, preferably formal wear.

Tim Hortons provides you a uniform. You need only have closed toed shoes.

Bring a smile and good attitude, but not too good or they will try to promote you to supervisor (don't do it) they provide you with ONE uniform so try to stay clean!

Usually wearing casual colth when going for an interview, and dress black shirt under the uniform!

Your resume is a must have to bring to an intervuew

Business casual would be the best attire to wear to the interview I would bring a copy of your resume and a list of rrefrences.

Nice dress clothes, clean looking, light make up.

There's a uniform

I am comfortable to work with fast pace of environment.I am hard working honest person. Physicaly fit for any level of work.
Black t shirt,black pent,non slippery shoes,Visor ,hair net ,name tag.

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