Tim Hortons
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What is the company culture at Tim Hortons?

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Serving the clients as quick as possible

Very team orientated and an overall healthy social environment.

The company culture has taught me ethics like how to act towards customers although I've always been extremely out-going towards people. I learned how to deal with money at a fast pace and multitask at a very fast past as well.

The company culture is great at tim hortons

Hundred percent canadian own, great people

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Every worker was very nice and if there was anything I needed help with no one would hesitate to help me or tell me that I should know how to do it already. I never had any problems with any of my coworkers.

Depends on the franchisee

Very friendly

The culture is multicultural, But had one dominant race that used that as superiority towards other races. It was also fast pace

For the most part it is a fun place to work....we are like a family

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