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What is the company culture at Tim Hortons?

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Management, RBI and share holders are out of touch with reality. Your business model is not sustainable and will fail. Your employees are stressed and under paid, and it shows. The quality of products are now officially sub-par. Less $ to shareholders and RBI, more $ towards workers, quality products, and equipment that doesn't fail constantly.

Horrible! So much drama , and management plays favorite by hiring his ppl or the ppl he knows .

One word. Favoritism.If you're truly a hard worker, find something better as soon as you can!! A place that will actually appreciate and acknowledge you!! Don't waste your effort and talents here.

This Canadian company and its nice and friendly.

It is amazing, they are amazing people to work for and they will do everything to help you.

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Its nice and friendly

Tim Hortons welcomes everyone into our store

The company culture is to be on time at work and have good communicative skills

It is friendly and nice.

The company culture at Tim Hortons a friendly staff but it is very pressure working especially in a drive thru service time you well learn a lot of things and developed your speed and accuracy in work.

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