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What are the evening shifts like for part time students?

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  • Awful. Too dangerous, no hazard pay.

  • I think evening shifts are much better than others for a student because it is easy to maintain a balance between work or study. Moreover most of students like because they don't like to go for work in early time. I think most popular time is evening among students.

  • 4pm to late night

  • The evening shift are great for students, and pretty easy to work in. At my place all of the "good" employees would work in the morning and the students would work on the evening shift. So to say the least it was pretty chill most of the time. Also they were really nice about scheduling your work around your school. But at the same time they did try to make me work till 11 or later at times, so I would just recommend that you put your foot down and just tell them that I will not work late then this time.

  • 4pm - 10pm is the great part time for students

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  • On weekends

  • Tuesday,Saturday,sunday

  • Yes we can learn about a company when we work with any company

  • Ask questions and see what answers you get
    ask about the job ft or pt. and if they are hiring.

    what tim hortons is hiring .and ask about the hours.

    they will take applications and resumes from you or tell you to go on line to apply for the job.

  • Saturday,Sunday,Monday,tuesday,

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  1. What are the evening shifts like for part time students?