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Is there flexible hours, can there be full time

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  • Depends who your working for. I just quit today because they refuse to work with me so I can have childcare. I can't do early mornings so I was told they would only work with me if I agreed to be part time. So I quit. Single mom.. cant live on part time.. horrible to work for

  • Yes but rarely full time available

  • Yes there can

  • Flexible shifts, full and part time

  • Flexible hours and days

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  • Yes, very flexible hours.. just ensure you talk to your managers or whoever creates the schedules.

  • Yes, and yes there can be full time

  • Yes there can be flexible hours

  • Yes
    if its your 1st job you will start out as casual and eventually work up to part-time

  • Yes there can be full time up to 5 shifts a week is the normal

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  1. Is there flexible hours, can there be full time