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Is full training provided and good enough? Like I don't know how to make the many types of beverages, will they show me how?

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No amount of training can prepare you for the sheer amount of work they ask you to do for minimum wage

Yes they are shows you how to do well

I was never trained I had to learn on my own

Training is a joke. You will watch videos that show and tell you how to make the drinks. But as soon as you go on the floor you are with a trainer for about 1-2 shifts and then you are on your own. And even when you are with the trainer, half the time they will be short so you will be left alone and not know what to do as it is literally your first shift on the floor.

They have the best training of any job. You know what you are supposed to do.

Hahhaha training was a joke there. Apparently there were training videos that you needed to watch but no one did. All they did for me was set me out on the floor to lean as I worked and either ask people how things are made and done or learn as I watched others. But I do have to say that the people I worked with were super nice and helpful, plus it's just a job at tims so needless to say there aren't a whole lot of things to learn.

Yes,training on the job

If information about beverages/food is needed there is always somebody there to show or tell you.

Yes traing on the job

There is video training as well as on the floor training. On one of your first shifts you will spend some time watching the videos which clearly show you how to work machines, make food and beverages. Then on the floor, you will be given a position with a trainer although all of the staff members will be happy to help if you ever get stuck on something.

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