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How do I go about buying new uniform pants? I told my manager that I had broken the button from my current pants due to them being too small but I was informed that it happens a lot and that they weren’t ordering new pants cause it’ll happen again soon enough.

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I just ask my owner and she gives me new ones right away

I was never even given proper pants i just use my own pants and they dont care cause they dont have to spend money on new ones.

I've been trying to get a new pair of uniform pants as well, and unfortunately I do not have an answer.

Your best bet would be to try to sow a new button on the pants you have. If the pants are themselves to small in general I would consider asking again declaring that the pants no longer fit, if they don’t do anything, talk to another manager or go to the owners. You can always ask other co workers if they have any uniforms they don’t use that don’t fit as well!

Uniforms can be ordered in by managers (they generally have a few in the office in case somebody has torn/forgotten their own).

Usually a person sews on a new button. Your employer should offer to let you purchase new uniform pants.

That response indicates that the uniforms are made poorly and in regards to my location the staff was required to purchase their uniforms. Furthermore, they would have to buy new uniform items if previous one's broke which lead to a lot of my store's staff fixing the uniforms however they could.

I went to head office with problems as six. I would buy buttons and see them on myself. The buttons would break often when I washed and dries the pants. Your better off sping it yourself

Your manager should have ordered new pants for you as soon as you mentioned the issue. It is unacceptable to tell an employee that they will be expected to wear an incomplete uniform.

You should get a new uniform top and bottom every 6 months, free of charge. They also give a voucher for non-slip shoes at Factory Shoe but I think it is deducted from your pay (in increments)

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