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Does Tim Horton's have benifits

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  • Literally nothing.

  • There is no benefit to working at Tim Hortons. None that are worth it anyway

  • The only benefit they give you is about 20% off employee meals after your full three months probation of working there and the only time it can be applied is when you are working.

  • Of course, it has many benefits like you get contacted to diverse people also can increase the communication skills. Moreover it is a safe place to do work. You can become a confident, punctual and responsible personality which will be a great achievement for anybody.

  • You pay for your benifits

  • Part time employees no benefits at all
    Full time employees benefits

  • Not enough hours. Hired more people while I was there. All about sales but who is going to run the place. Go through to many staff.

  • Yes after 3 months

  • Able to interact in a respectful and effective manner.

  • Only of you work 28 hours min a week

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  1. Does Tim Horton's have benifits