Tim Hortons
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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Tim Hortons?

15 réponses

Very fast paste, always doing something this job keeps you on your toes during your whole shift.

Very welcoming and accepting. Great start up job where you gain practical skills that are applicable in future endeavours.

Fun, social, open, transparent, stressful (in a good way), rewarding, exciting, energizing.

The work environment is very fast pace but its a great place to work for a first time job or a job if you need a job.

Friendly and fun

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Be kind Be patient Be active Love your job Like people

Work environment its really good respecting both customers as guest and employee as team members.

It very good and helthy

Can be diverse.
One Tim horton location had many foreigners so it was a fun experience every day to learn and share stories.

We all worked to make each others job easier and fun.

Next location was not as appealing but it was a job and I stayed for awhile.

At our store we have a great time working, the environment is open, we can have fun while making sure our duties are getting covered. We have had customers state that they like coming to our store because we enjoy our job and it show.

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