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Can i wear any pants i want with the smiley face uniform .. like for example the camp day shirts?

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I had to wear the uniform pants with the cookie shirt they gave me.

No, you are to wear your uniform pants

No, you have to wear uniform pants

At my tims were were only allowed to wear our uniforms unless instructed otherwise. we could only wear the uniforms we told to

No, very strict on wearing the terrible cardboard uniform pants. You would actually lose weight from sweating so much in the summer, and in the winter the only sweater you're allowed to wear is the 30$ one you ave to buy that doesn't keep you warm at all, so if you're on window on drive thru you will be cold.

No, you cannot wear any other pants than the pants that come with uniform.

Not that i remember

No, can only wear jeans/pants without tears or rips or decals.

No dress code is required during smile cookie week. The only thing is the shirt.

No, you have to wear your black uniform pants.

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