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Can I wear a ring

11 réponses

  • I'm allowed to wear a necklace and a ring only if it is a band and doesnt have any jewels on it that can fall out. but every Tim's is run differently

  • I was unable to wear my rings in the workplace because of cross contamination.

  • No you're not allowed to wear any jewelry whatsoever when you're working

  • If I am married I can wear a ring.

  • You can wear a ring if it has a religious purpose, otherwise most likely not, but it does depend on the management.

  • No their are no rings aloud to to food handling and physical cash management.

  • I am not sure as I did not wear one, but I am assuming you can unless you are making sandwiches.

  • I think you were only able to wear a ring if it was a wedding/engagement ring. Any other jewelry was prohibited.

  • No, it is against safety procedures.

  • Only wedding rings

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