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Are my shoes part of my uniform

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Tim Hortons requires their employees to wear a solid black oxford which is non-slip if working out front. Employees who also help with receiving the delivery are required to wear a solid black oxford shoe which is both non-slip and steel toed. This is at the employee's expense as no renunciation is given.

Shoes are not provided

No, I need to buy my own shoes.

Yes black non-slip shoes are required

No shoes are not a part of the uniform here

You do have to purchase your own shoes and they do have to be black non-slip shoes to be a part of the uniform and because it is a food industry and for food and safety in Falling hazards you do need non-slip shoes

Fancier shoes are required, would recommend buying comfy soles.

Yes, you're shoes are. They also need to be all black with non-slip.

You have to purchase the shoes yourself. they will have you pay for them from your first paychec

No, we have to buy our own shoes with money that comes out of out pockets

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