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Brutal very fast pace and hard listening to customers and no training
Réponse du 19 mars 2017
I applied during the morning and got a call later that same day for an interview 2 days later went to the interview and got hired on the spot
Réponse du 15 mars 2017
Does Tim Horton's have benifits
Posée le 20 avril 2017
I get 50% off entire transaction whenever I wanna buy something on break, before break, or after break. Also when working night shift you're able to get a free drink.
Réponse du 20 avril 2017
Awful. Too dangerous, no hazard pay.
Réponse du 4 mai 2017
It was a short 5 minute interview that focused on my skills in baking, my availability, my previous food experience, my availability, how I commute, how much weight can I lift and where the store they're hiring for is.
Réponse du 28 février 2017
No amount of training can prepare you for the sheer amount of work they ask you to do for minimum wage
Réponse du 11 mai 2017
Be personable. Prepare questions.
Réponse du 19 avril 2017
Treat your employees like humans, not machines.
Réponse du 15 mars 2017
They just asked me about my schedules and availability and why do i wanna be part of the tim hortons team
Réponse du 24 mai 2017
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