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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Tilray?

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  • People don't quit bad jobs. They quit bad management

  • Respect and pay.

  • Treating employees like human-beings would be a start. You’re just a number there that can be replaced by a foreign contract worker within minutes. They don’t care if you stay or go, and they’ve even said that to some of us... “there’s the door”. One manager even said that they straight up don’t care what happens in your personal life. Which is fine but they don’t need to state it out loud. They need to fire all management, all supervisors, and start over. They also need to do regular training on the proper way to treat/talk to people.
    They also lowered starting wage from $16 to $14, they need to raise the wage to something that liveable. They need to return the benefits package, and RRSP package. They need to do a lot. But they only get worse day to day.

  • Get rid of all management and start over get people that know the process of cannibis and the knowledge it is t a car factory very very different Tilray Highpark have the worst management and Human Resources department ever especially the one in Leamington she is rude ignorant and has no clue like the rest of there team heads n management they ran this company into the ground

  • Better starting wages and less condescending management. But you get out what you put in. Better benefits and retirement programs.

  • Stop managers from belittling and harassing the employees. Replace the manager in manufacturing. Manufacturing in Petrolia is the most awful place to work

  • Be straight with people were working on getting the license. The job is intended for London but you will be working in Petrollia. There are workers who have been there with the same hope it would only be a few weeks and they have been there for 10 months or more.

  • Fire most of the management to begin( starting at the top)

  • Your business is only as strong as its foundation - Google set a precedent and realized that if you pay your employees more, pamper them, and treat them well, they will work harder for you and make you more money. An actual living wage, on-site gym, lounge areas, etc... is a good start.

    Make your employee's never want to leave rather than having to stay.

    If you pay a higher true living wage to employee's then you will attract a higher caliber of worker.

    A new training department is mandatory to ensure proper on-boarding and ongoing training is constant. The smarter your employee the more efficient they are and the higher quality your product will be. Aka higher profits. Incentivize curiosity and promote education. Increase funding for employee's to further their education in all avenues. A smarter employee is the end goal and higher profits is the result. Rather than creating a staff of mindless worker's create an intelligent work force that cares for and adores what they do. Give them a reason to care, not simply that they are employed. Go further. That will show in the end product and in profits as well.

    Think further than next quarter. Old business practices are detrimental to the future. Become a leader in eco-friendly initiatives, promote green practices in the local communities. This will lead to good publicity and future investors as well as quality long-term employee's. You want people to stand behind your companies and it's beliefs. Give them something worth believing in.

    Promote a work environment people want to be and stay in. Lower's turnover rate and saves time and money for the hiring process.

    This company has a lot of potential and if it takes a few notes with what google did with their employee's it could own the industry.

    If you create a climate that employee's actually love then they will do whatever it takes to keep their jobs.

    If you create a job that is just a job then they will leave.

    Stick out! Look to the future! Realize your potential!

  • Talk to their employees to see how their work environment is.

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  1. Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Tilray?