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Où voyez-vous Tilray dans 10 ans?

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  • Seeing as how disgusting Tilray is as a company, my hope is that Tilray folds like a soggy piece of cardboard. Tilray doesn’t deserve success; unfortunately however, the executives will make out like bandits and the regular staff will be left out in the cold.

  • Tilray/High Park does not have a future. They’re product in contaminated with mould (they don’t call it mould, they call it discoloured) and bugs, but they don’t care about that, they only care about making the sale. Quantity over Quality is the Tilray way!

  • Considering they focus all they’re attention on the recreational market not long. High Park will thrive those snakes at tilray wont.

  • The companies vision in the recreational market is short sited at best, they focus on the now rather than laying a foundation for success. Some really great people work here however, this is overshadowed by a few who choices to govern in an unscrupulous and malicious manner.....example the use of a certain temporary ( foreign workers _) through an "agency" to shore up its labour force, without regard to the long term impact to the brand and shareholders investment.This and other unscrupulous practices will ultimately be the demise of this start-up

  • Hard work. But if you can handle it, they’re willing to train you to learn whatever you want. Bide your time. Work your butt off. And you will get out what you’ve put in.

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  • Worst management ever....

  • I think it’s great that even someone like myself, who cooked in fine hotels for two decades(hating every moment) can find a new beginning in a burgeoning cannabis industry. I had no experience coming in, and now I touch on several different departments each week! I’m not college educated, but once I had proven myself useful, they were more than helpful in allowing me and my career to grow. There’s nowhere Tilray is going, but up!

  • I hope tilray goes out of business and their mould contaminated product is incinerated.

  • It’s a strong company with passionate employees. I only see growth.

  • Tilray is on an upward trend with a global medical focus. Its going to be huge.

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  1. Où voyez-vous Tilray dans 10 ans?