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About my job history, my family backround and my availability

Réponse du - Supervisor (Former Employee) - Brampton, ON

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If you have previous work experience- dealing w/ disgruntled customers, availability.

Réponse du - Cashier/Customer Service (Current Employee) - Peterborough, ON

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Work experience
type of job looking for?
my college
study and work permit
what hours i am free to work?
and they she asked me to fill some forms

Réponse du - Employee (Former Employee) - Montréal, QC

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How will you commute here?
What would you do if there is an unhappy customer?

Réponse du - Front and Side Cashier (Current Employee) - Langley, BC

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Why do u want to work at Wendy's?

Réponse du - Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) - Bayfield, ON

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Whats availability do you want full or part time?
Do you have reliable transportation .
What hour can you work evening or weekends.

Réponse du - Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) - Dartmouth, NS

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Past work experience, how you handle fast paces moments

Réponse du - HOSTESS (Former Employee) - Guelph, ON

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Can you work at a fast paced are you able to keep up with your tasks that are made for you

Réponse du - Customer Service (Former Employee) - Brandon, MB

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Situation of previous work.

Réponse du - Food Service Worker (Former Employee) - Calgary, AB

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What hours i can work
how i heard about them
what days i can work

Réponse du - Cashier (Former Employee) - Ottawa West, ON

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