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How many hours i could have ?

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I used to work 30-40 Hours a week and I was also attending high school at the time. They never were good with my school hours to my working hours.

Réponse du - Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) - Kitchener, ON

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If you're new. probably around 25 if you're there for a while probably 35 or even 40 if you're lucky

Réponse du - Crew member (Current Employee) - Winnipeg, MB

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I was hired under the impression I would be getting 30-40 hours/week, but instead, I barely got 15 hours/week. Severely unimpressed overall.

Réponse du - CREW MEMBER (Former Employee) - Perth, ON

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Normally the stores are very flexible and will give you hours that suit your needs. For example I went from being a part time high school student who had about 12-25 hours a week to a full time summer student who had about 40 hours a week.

Réponse du - Customer Service (Former Employee) - Greater Napanee, ON

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Depending how you work? Many

Réponse du - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) - London, ON

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25 A week usually.

Réponse du - Wendy's (Current Employee) - Dartmouth, NS

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As many as you wanted, provided you want to put up with abusive managers.

Réponse du - Fry Cook / Grill Operator (Former Employee) - Red Deer. AB

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35-40 hours per week

Réponse du - Fry Cook/ Bus Boy (Former Employee) - Niagara Falls, ON

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20 to 24 hours

Réponse du - Food Service Worker (Former Employee) - Calgary, AB

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I get 40 hours a week. From what I have seen they try to be accommodating about people's schedules and how many hours they need.

Réponse du - Morning Prep (Current Employee) - 1800 Old Island Highway

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