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How does the commission-based work on all products and phones in addition to the hourly wage?

3 réponses

  • Small Commision on contract based things

  • Commissions have gone way down from the time I started. it's extra work and stress. sometimes on your days off, other employees will steal your sales.

  • Payout on mobility was the best, new customer signing up for a new cellphone with data plan on Bell would pay around $40. $20 voice only. $10 for tablet or BYOP plans. Bell TV paid well, around $30-40 for new customers. Bell internet around $20, HP $10.
    Consumer electronics sales paid the least amount with only 0.5%-3% of the gross profit being paid out, depending on brand. Store brand paid highest, national name brands (Sony, Samsung, Acer) 1%. You can make extra on selling extended warranties (avail on most products) They will pay 12% of the warranty amount. Extra bonuses paid out to managers/assistant managers if your store reaches attainment percentage for KPIs.

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