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La Covid a scrapper l'ambiance de travail et tout ce qui ci attache,faut je quitte pus capable de travailler dans les nouvelles conditions.

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It's good r

It good to help people and help the homeless and feed the hungry and good to meet people good working hours you can volunteers or get paid. It an good condition pick your own hr

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Free lunch

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Work long hr
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Depends on Management

This has the potential to be a great job. As long as you're happy being a bottom feeder, there's very little room to move up. In the end it all depends on the manager you get. I worked in Newmarket and the management was abysmal. It was the difference of being management's favourite person one day, and most hated the next. Favoritism was HEAVY in depending who got hours and who didn't based on arbitrary factors. There's a reason Salvation Army Newmarket is always "urgently hiring". In my 8 months there, 2 people were fired and 4 quit. One person even warned me about the environment in my first week. If you do get hired, God speed.

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Doing the most good

Opportunity to help a lot of people by being kind, present, and really listening. The Salvation Army Food Bank and Outreach helps a lot of people and is loving and kind. Pleasure to work there and serve the community in need. If you can work a job where you can help your community, do it.
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Fulfillment and spiritual growth

I love helping people and seeing the smiles on their faces. The exposure to ministry has made my relationship with God even better. My fulfillment comes from more than just money and things.
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I enjoyed my job and co workers. Management tho was to micromanaged

I enjoyed my tasks. Hours were decent except for getting called in every day off. I felt underappreciated by the manager despite living alot at work. Enjoyable co workers tho and the clients were resepectful for most part.
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Not bad

Nothing special, just a regular job. Like in any other job, there are good and bad managers and co-workers. Overall, great for summer students who want to gain experience and learn new skills.

Points positifs

Delicious food

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Good company

It was so nice working at Salvation Army, I had fun and I learned to work with compassion and love to people they are in need.. I had to leave bc I graduated from school but it was a good experience
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Ok place to work.

It's a good atmosphere as in good people to work with. The job tasks are pretty easy. The benefits are great and it's unionized. The management however is very unorganized.
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Fast Paced and Adrenaline Loaded Environment, Not Easy but Still my Favourite

Favourite job ever, despite the iffy work culture it was all worth it. Worked in Withdrawal Management Centre in London, ON. Days are quirky and never the same twice, adrenaline loaded and can be quite stressful but some like it that way. Pay is decent, due to staffing shortage at the time and as it was unionized overtime pay was ridiculous, too good to be true. I'm not sure how they could afford all the overtime pay but it sure was nice. Always new and unusual or challenging situations when working with clients, best part of the job was having fun with coworker on long nightshifts and working with clients. The Shiftwork was hard at times. Had to take a LOA at one point and management was extremely supportive at the time. Downside was sone staff members were very unkind to clients and not trauma informed, due to some union rules some staff were kept on far longer than they should have been.
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Good for income supplementation

Although I value The Salvation Army's mission and the fact that they are a Christian organization dedicated to raising funds for the less fortunate in communities across Canada and around the world, I often found this position lacking in adequate intellectual stimulation and I felt my work there was underappreciated.
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Awesome place to work for

The Manager is A1 Edmonton distribution center , a manager with integrity and he is very honest ,cares about his employees. I wish I would have that 10 years ago. I am honored to work for the Salvation Army. I hope to be there until I'm no longer able to work or retired .

Points positifs

I am honored . Benefits, rrsp contribution. free pizza lunch first week . A1 company with integrity and honesty.

Points négatifs

If anybody puts anything in cons they should give their head a shake there is none
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Salvation Army

Great place to volunteer in theory, lots to learn and experience. A little chaotic. Doing what you can to help people of the community who need it most is a very important position to hold, though hopefully more can be done in the future for those without a home, especially in winter months
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Happy place to work.

Never have I ever worked in such a great company. The management is great and helpful. Less work stress and you just need to finish the given target you are assigned. Long break and stress free environment. Moreover, the other staff members are friendly and supportive. You will definitely love working here.
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Lack of opportunities, stressful and competitive atmosphere

Management has poor understanding and lack of attention to the day to day stressors and competing demands faced by front line staff. Decisions are made in haste and with a ruthless disdain for hardworking, qualified and loyal staff. A critical, competitive atmosphere of favouritism and secrecy breeds mistrust in this shady organization. Departmental closures resulting in demotions and layoffs are a regular occurrence. Expectations are for staff to be on call and available for last minute surprises to compensate for staff shortages due to the inflated number of staff on leave.

Points positifs

Union is a great sounding board but not able to address systemic and cultural issues

Points négatifs

Lack of support, team building and trust. Few advancement opportunities
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Just another place to work

Low pay for the work you do after many years with the company. Management don’t recognize the hard work one does to execute the daily business. Make you feel like you have to walk on eggshells while at work.
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Not great, high burn out

Front line staff are usually great, but management is often terrible. Lack of support, lots of guilting, very little pay. Revolving door or people, they burn up employees.
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pretty good but could be better

Would have been better if they had hired enough people and paid their employees so that the ones working weren't stretched thin. Management refused to deal with or fire a coworker who was a bully and a bunch of people quit. Otherwise, an overall good place to work, I did enjoy it for the most part. Work itself was interesting and meaningful.

Points positifs

good hours

Points négatifs

low pay, often not on time
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Stressful work environment

Favouritism is their policy. If the boss likes you, you are the best even if you do your day-to-day tasks. The finance team is not cooperative and the high management doesn't care about people. They pay well but I think they need a deep change in their management mindset and managers.I wonder if they didn't notice the high turnover rate which cost them money but who cares.

Points positifs

Fair Salaries

Points négatifs

Horrible business environment
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Fun place to work

Overall experience was very good. Great working environment with a good team. Various duties throughout your shift really makes the day pas quickly. Good benefits for the RRSP and employer match. Nice discolor employees and family.
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okay, needed more

wages are not competative and the management was very toxic. Loved most of my co-workers though. It was very flexible which was extremely helpful especially because im a single mother.
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