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3,2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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c'est ma deuxième famille ! Arrive à l'heure fait ta job milieu de travail sans pression regle de sécurité politique de non violence. égalité
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I would still be working there if I was younger.

What is the best part of working at the company?Paid bi-weekly. Treated fairly good place to drive a truck. Can make a good pay check when their busy. Lots of overtime available.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Calling in sick or going off on company paid sick leave is frouned on by management. Harmony will remain if you make the bosses happy and don't mess up. Be honest and punctual and make it for all your scheduled shifts.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Do as your told and all goes well.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Worked part-time yard shunter and some night deliveries. 30 hour week. No hassles. Just do your assigned work and everyones happy.
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What is the best part of working at the company?Customer service team work at Chance to interact with different customers and their needs Every one is reliable What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Nothing much so long as you know what to do What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Like family at work everyone cares for one another What is a typical day like for you at the company?Me everyday because I love my job
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AZ driver

Good place to work, a little low on the hours. From time to time little to none some labour involved. But overall great dispatch team, great management.
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Not a friendly place to work. A lot of cultural favouritism.

If you weren't a part of a certain culture, they treated you with disrespect. No training, and evidence of purposeful exclusion. I suffered from anxiety because of the negative comments and attitude of the management and their favourites.

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Target of descrimination
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  • Absence de stress
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If you like night switch driving, then you should like it. Office managers are in it for themselves. But work is pretty constant.If they promise you something, get it in writing.
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First trucking job out of school great people to work for

All new equipment great runs east coast and Georgia run. Dedicated trucks treat it like you own it . Guaranteed 2500 miles.A week sometimes not one week but you will get over 3200 other times in the end of year always works out to be 2500 weekly. Home every weekend
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It's been my second home for 35 year and I respect all ownership for being a part of my life, what I do is get people where they need to be so they can enjoy the home that I've loved for years

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It was good for the first year, then local management shifted to Mississauga.

Local team members were great people to work with until dispatch orders came from Mississauga. Then it all changed and it seemed like the western provinces were an outcast to the company. Unfortunately I and many other peers left because of the major change and the negativity in the new environment.

Points positifs

Dedicated trucks

Points négatifs

stressful environment
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I did not like working there the management treated people like garbage

The people that work they were great the management treated people like not very nice overworked underpaid it wasn’t worth even being there for however long I was there it just wasn’t worth it in my eyes
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Sale Associate

Its inclusive, helpful people. Good pay. Accomodative and understanding people. Would definitely recommend. It gets stressful on sales day but everyone at work are very helpful and cheerful
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Not a great place to work at anymore.

This company used to be a great company to work for, you looked forward to coming to work and put in a hard days work. Now employee moral is horrible. They have let employee management relations slide drastically. Everyone from salary to hourly are just in a foul mood. I think covid had a lot to do with it but nothing is being done to fix it. It's truly to bad. This company was on the top of its game many years ago.
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Dont ever work their with agency no job security .

One of the worst management i had ever seen in my life . If you r working from agency they will gonna treat like you r not human. I never gonna suggest anyone to work there . Those guys are making fool .
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Overall, Rosedale is a good place to work.

- Friendly & Respectful dispatch,- On-time & Correct pay,- Timely repairs to equipment, and- Team oriented co-workers. From what I've experienced, there are very few trucking companies that have all of these qualities. If you have a strong work ethic and are proficient at what you do, this is the company for you.
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Not a fun place to work.

Rosedale they use a punch card system and you as driver don’t have access to your card dispatch punches you in and out I worked there for a little more than 3 months don’t let that $27 dollars an hour fool you you work between 13 or 14 hours a day 5 days a week but because dispatch punches your card they punch you out while you’re still working and doing delivery somewhere just to make sure you don’t get pay for more than 55 or 56 hours a week and if you try to talk to them about that they will never have time for you at the end you will be making $18-19 dollars an hour and the management are not very nice people their true colours comes out after you are there for a few months I would say a hard NO to Rosedale!!

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Points négatifs

Very long hours
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Amazing experience working with Rosedale group excellent customer service and dispatch helps when you are some where stuck

I work for rosedale as a LTL truck driver very good experience slots of family time and pay is reasonable weekends off 10 to 11 hrs works Hr hiring process is Incredible good training this company is for hard working ppl not for lazy guys thanks Rosedale for giving me opportunity to work with you guys

Points négatifs

10 to 11 hrs
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Management needs a lot of work, on a positive note time goes by quick.

Very fast paced environment, lots of heavy items, but overall work is good, and has a good warehouse crew. Office is busy lots of the time and lots of customer service.
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Good place to work and learn

Been here for 6yrs dispatch can be difficult but they do work with u I did my job they left me alone upper management is always respectful great guys to work with they always have a place in my heart
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Good working place

Happy all through I was working there. Good cultural environment and where the employer cares about the employees. Good working environment and the management is great.

Points positifs

Free lunch every long weekend
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Great company

from day one I have always been made to feel like I belonged, my manager is great, she's very helpful. the company is very family friendly, everyone is made to feel like they belong. hours are great.

Points positifs

work/life balance, great teamwork, super friendly staff

Points négatifs

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Not what it seems

Well the company is good and professional, they provide enough training which is a good thing. But the problem starts when you start doing on your own. There is a big communication gap between a driver and dispatch, you will be sent to places which are not meant for tractor trailers, customers and drivers feedbacks are never heard. Lots of unrealistic expectations. Even a small daily things can become big hassle. Some drivers are there from many years but it it didnt worked for me. My personal experience was not very good but it might work for you. I kind of felt lonely there.

Points positifs

Steady hours

Points négatifs

Dispatch, Too many restrictions, heavy product.
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