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It's a commission based job so you make how much you can earn. You need to work incredibly hard to establish your own career and not a lot of support.
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Underwriting & fullfilment

Underwriting & fullfilment. I am working as a Mortgage agent & also as an underwriter & fullfilment officer................................................................

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Free Lunch

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Challenging work envoirment
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 Act in the borrower’s best interest and needs.  Send applications to lenders that really suit with their lending criteria.  Protect lenders against fraud.  Explain to the borrower the different types of loans that are available, as well as the terms.  Explain the legal aspects of the loan to the borrower.  Educate the customer in case of default consequences.  Ensure all required documents are included in the application package.  Review loan agreements to ensure that they are complete and accurate according to policy.  Evaluate pay stubs, credit history, tax information and bank statements for financial status.  Property evaluations to determine feasibility of granting loans.  Follow through with lender and borrower during approval process.
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This position was very exciting working with the toughest mortgage clients

I thoroughly enjoyed this position as it gave me an opportunity to work with the worst possible credit scenarios and working cooperatively with my clients gaining them the mortgage that best suited their situation. The position was very rewarding and I am happy to say I provided hundreds of clients with a mortgage who did not believe they would ever know the excitement of home ownership. Management was extremely helpful and supportive within this company, and all other representatives were always there to give a helpful hand.

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Great work environment

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Strictly Commissioned Sales
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Professional training

Enjoy my position , meet new clients and biuld relationships
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Family Mortgage Brokers

Full learning of banking products, specifications, capabilities and unique and creative applications Developing collaborative industry partners to generate leads, referrals and sales Qualifying and processing customer and Company information into a client proposal

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Learning Opportunity

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Mangement restricted products and process
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The mortgage centre

I worked from home ,went to customers houses for all appointments.Not often but sometimes they came to my house.A very ecconicaly satisfy job.

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Set your own hours and who you did bus. with.

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No steady paycheck
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Commissioned self employed Mortgage Broker

This career offered challanges in the real estate market by processing mortgages for all types of home buyers

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commission based
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