The Hospital for Sick Children
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Why would you want to work at The Hospital for Sick Children?

49 réponses

I love to work with children even i dont have own kids.because for me they deserve love and care😃😘

I will love to work with sick children to show them love, encourage them to live through my dedication and self motivated will in bringing them back to life of joy and happiness.

I love working with people most of all children. I love to listen to their needs and wants and learn from them more about their needs in order to better help them.

I love helping people to the best of my capability. Most of all I love children more than anything in the world.

Because I love children and always trying to put smile on their face

I would like to work at the Hospital for sick children because I want to listen to their feelings and learn from them. I'd like to reach out to parents too and just be a shoulder to lean on.

I would like to learn more about what goes on on the facilities.And extend my love to all those children who needed my love

Children is the happiness of someone else most especially to those parents like me. I want to work in the hospitality of sick children to be part of their development and growing up to be matured

All residents praised the work system and the experience they had gained

I am familiar with hospital jobs because l worked in hospital more than 10 years

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