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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Belle environnement de travail!

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Beaucoup de formations offertes aux employés et à l’équipe de gestion. Il y a de belles opportunités d’avancement pour ceux et celles qui aspirent à gérer une équipe.
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Like any other retail company

Ambitious leadership with very high expectations and unconcerned about ground reality.recent management change seems counterproductive for the growth of the company
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  • Environnement inclusif
  • Capacité à apprendre de nouvelles choses
  • Capacité à atteindre des objectifs personnels
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  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Absence de stress
  • Soutien du responsable

Après un accident de travail

Après un accident du travail sur le lieu donc de travail je me suis retrouvé comme un élément gênant qu’on souhaite éliminé et après m’avoir poussé à la démission j’ai reçu une poursuite durant des mois au tribunal pour prouver ou plutôt pour ne pas payer mes frais médicaux Cette compagnie est à vomir pire expérience de mon existence
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Great for a first job/retirees

If I had to give a brief review, I'd say I loved it here. When I moved from a sales position (2016-2018) to an order picker I really shined. The experience and skill I had with the order picker, standing and sitting forklift, I absolutely crushed pretty much any task. I was the most called upon driver in the vehicle when I was at work.I never had a single person dislike me (except the managers, big surprise). I was friendly, helpful, and generally from what I'm told, a treat to work with. Granted, I'm not hard to work with typically, unless you're rude to me or treat me poorly. (Honestly, I just loved using the machines, so I didn't care who asked for help.)It's typically a good place to work, but some positions are better than others. Order pickers are good with sales experience, just learn product locations and some of the basics and you're set. Sales positions aren't terrible, but you're locked to your department unless you're cross trained. Specialty sales positions just mean that you've got quotas to meet, and most of my friends who had those positions would get hassled regardless of if they met quotas or not (take that as you will). And of course, customer service and cashier roles are naturally the customer facing ones, so... Just be friendly, social, and know when to bring problems to your superiors.Anything else I can't speak for.All in all, it's a great option for a first job, a part time role for students, or retirees who want something to do. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with prior work experience looking for somewhere to advance and improve. Find something - 
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Fun, fast and friendly

Home Depot was a great place to work when I was in university. Very friendly people, lots of coaching and interesting work environment. I would definitely recommend anyone to work there.
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fast pace environment and learning

None for now but it is a place to start if you want to know about retail. also it is a fast pace environment. you are given a task to execute within a time frame.
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Fun place to work

Fun place to work, great team members and management is perfect. Everyone truly cares about you. Customers are usually understanding. Cross-training is also available if you want to change departments, that way you learn new things and never get bored.

Points positifs

Lots of snacks.
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Okay place to work, I guess.

Dont show stress, even if it means caring less about the end results. They will rarely promote someone that ‘cares to much’ and shows frustrations.Be careful how much you take on - as others will do less knowing you’re trained in other areas or machine use, and you’ll end up being expected to do more, for the same wage as others. That said, if you do take on more training and skills, be sure to ask for off cycle raises, because otherwise you’ll get the usual 35cents a year.
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Mauvaise expérience de travail

Bien que le salaire soit intéressant à la base, les superviseurs ne sont pas à la hauteur. Fausses accusation, sans fondements, employés mal formés, mal encadrés. Ambiance de travail toxique. Les superviseurs évaluent le travail sans jamais avoir observé les employés. Utilisation des cameras de surveillance du magasin pour surveiller les employés et écouter les conversations.
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Good Starting job

worked as a cashier and it was fun, everybody seemed to enjoy each others company. only con would be having to stand up all day, not even allowed to lean in your uncomfortable shoes they force you to wear without getting yelled at.
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great job security

Management could be better, but the home depot offers great job security considering its retail. The service desk position should be paid more, as you do orders for all the other departments.
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Great company to work for

The team care about each other, the company pays well, and you get to grow and learn new skills. They maintain a clean and safe environment, and try their best to accommodate you if you have any concerns.Some of their benefits include: profit sharing, dental, vision, and you can purchase home depot stocks.
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Very stressful work environment. Special treatment given to some. Bullying is allowed. Most staff un-happy. Very clique like environment and not a great team mentality.

Points positifs

Fair to work within your limitations

Points négatifs

Not a kind work environment
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Lot associate

terrible job, physically demanding lots of walking required, rude customers, bad management. Pushing carts through hot and cold weather would not recommend

Points positifs

free food, freedom

Points négatifs

Tedious walking, physically demanding
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For a beginning job not so bad but dont expect to move up in the management.

Very stressful job required you to stand your entire shift. Managers were very strict about pushing credit cards and if you did not get the required number of credit cards they would lecture you.
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A typical day at work is different every day as each customer can be and are different. They teach a culture of great customer service and servant leadership.
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okay place to work, average kind of home appliance/improvement store. popular spot so usual busy all day round, customer service is #11, training is well done to prepare you, friendly staff.
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Harder then needed to be

Too many people in management and /or manager rolls with different ways to work. One manager would say to do something an exact way and then the next one would tell u something different yet computer training every month says to do it differentthen what the managers tell u and is frustrating. NO GUARANTEED HOURS AT ALL even though my interview I was informed minimum of 16 hours a week and 24/7 availability buy they couldn't accommodate employees working a specific day or days in a week resulting in life balance such as child care if u have kids near impossible to plan to work around.
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Good place to work. lots of hours. good culture

Good place to work. Lots of hours. Good culture. They take care of their people better than most. lots of room to advance if you have a good work ethic.
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Fun if you have like minded colleagues. Busy

Good place to work if you have like minded colleagues. Pay isn't great and training and support would be a benefit. Management lack any real ability to run the store efficiently and lack the skills to keep morale high.
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Usually relaxed sometimes stressful.

The job itself isn’t too hard, there is a lot of dead time, but when it gets busy it can get really fast-paced and stressful if understaffed. Management is for the most part pretty good, they usually don’t care too much which is good if you’re slacking, but not if you want to get noticed or are needing their help urgently. Best part about the job is the people you work with.
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