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What is a typical day like at work

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Put on your ppe, clock in, get on your cash, ring in customers, call departments for prices because they're never on the items but also nobody is in their department and now you have a lineup so your manager comes over to yell at you and now the customer's yelling and now i'm yelling. And you go home and cry.

Work hard cuz rest of team is lazy merchandising and competing projects.
Babysitting adults who are lazy

When it is slow, count inventory and clean the department. When their are customers, attend to them immediately.

Annoying and totally useless...

Fun always busy at work.

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10 hours 4 days a week

Outgoing and fun

Easy Going

I would arrive and open the tool department, do the in store check list, turn on all the necessary equipment and then sign into the computer. I rented out equipment to customers, explaining how they worked, cashed out the necessary material that was needed for the tool and then when the equipment came back after the rental period I would service the tools and get it ready for re-rent.
During slow periods I would help out in other departments, cleaning and or restocking shelves, do deck and fence quotes.

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