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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Home Depot?

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As you are making amazing profits start having actual staff in the departments and give the stores more hours to hand out. You want us to deliver amazing customer service and then have departments understaffed so we are running around like mad, unable to give customers time they deserve.

Pay better wages - management should show respect for the employees knowledge & professional education in what ever trade they have. Work schedule does not consider work / life balance 2 weekends off in 8 weeks ! and in the 2 years I worked there I NEVER was allowed a 3 day weekend... Just saying if your not the managers coffee drinking / smoking friend you get shafted.

A decent wage.minimum wage for the work load they ask from you is ridiculous.what is this 1980?

Got a telephone interview and the person that called me hung up on me twice not impressed and did not pursue contacting the company for a Head Cashier position.

Stop messing with people's lives by giving inconsistent hours.

The management needs to appreciate the associates/staff bc they are working very hard and upper store management doesn't seem to appreciate them, the department heads show appreciation but that's not enough.
General & Asssistant store managers go thank your staff and say hi . Tell them they are doing a good job.

From my own experience... Have more respectful Department Supervisors and Head Cashier’s. Not allow bullying or any sorts, and if the bullying never stops fire the Associate that is doing the bullying. Instead of waiting for the one getting bullied to quit. I quit because l couldn’t handle the bullying from 2 Head Cashier’s, l told management they did nothing. Contacted Home Depot HR they did nothing. But ever since l left its been hard to find another job that has part time benefits. Gotta say.

The company is greedy and like anyone who is greedy eventually it will catch up. Most employees struggle to make ends meet and they are scared to speak up for fear of losing job. Makes one think why a union does not move in to support better wages? Oh and don't forget the fantastic employee special pricing one gets for working there, 0% off.

Management need to treat their employees with respect.

Managers need to believe in their team, under team not belittle them

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