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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Home Depot?

25 réponses

A place that consists of workers from vivid cultural backgrounds and a place of great teamwork as well as unity.

Dependant on your Store Manager, the ASMs & HRM. I have seen great to poor practices being followed. You DON’T have to treat everyone equally. But you have to be fair. Prejudice & bias rules. The harder you work, the more you find in your plate. Wage increases? Highest - 5%. Now calculate that on $15.

Some of the ss are given special treatment and the others who can sit on the back office..SM that treats ds as they feel the DS are not human. Can't address the issues as SM KNOW IT ALL. SM is not a leader cause instead of motivating the team to do better and makes sales ..the SM thinks the motivation is gained by ridiculing and disrespecting there ppl

Too many chiefs that aren't qualified to lead teams

Not very good

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Bolton Store.
Supervisors spend to much time in the back.Not enough coverage in the departments. Customers need to be more patient.

Very good. Great staff

Great place to work

It feels like your second home. All the people hired are wonderful, everyone is a team player here.

Everyone should get along at work and be pleasant.

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