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What is the company culture at Erb Transport?

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Drivers are told “you are our last line of defence” which translates to “you didn’t catch a mistake made by a manager, supervisor, dispatch, office staff, dock worker prior to delivering the wrong product therefore you will be disciplined but no one else listed above. Don’t believe this then simply apply & work here as a driver & find out.

It's a office world in a trucking industry. All the perks go to the office staff. Bbqs, lunches, any rewards. They even invite the town to come for these, all while the drivers are out doing all the work. So I would say good culture if you're not applying to become a driver.

Not a pleasant experience, unless you're in the good buddy club which consists of some management and some drivers.

Promote the unworthy

A cold environment, Cold storage.

Its a family environment and everyone supports each other

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