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They do group interviews with really silly tasks that are very juvenile. I don't think you can ever prepare for such ridiculousness.

Réponse du 25 novembre 2019

Very autocratic, unapproachable, and extremely negative.

Réponse du 25 novembre 2019

Dealing with the old boys and old girls clubs who are in management positions, and do not know how to lift up employees who have greater experience/knowledge then them, but are in lower paying positions. Perhaps they feel threatened, but they should be grateful these people are part of their "team" (ya, 'team', is not something they they say one thing, but do another just to go against the team environment).

Réponse du 25 novembre 2019

Make your supervisors and managers truly value their employees, and pay those front line workers a real salary for the jobs they are doing - don't minimize their roles so much that it's nothing more than a volunteer position (4 hrs per week @ $14/hr is not a's paid volunteerism at best).

Réponse du 25 novembre 2019

Fairly quickly; Apply online on the Website, attach a Resume. Upon contact, an interview will be set up; attend interview.

Réponse du 22 octobre 2019

For many of the upper positions, there is no need to take up valuable public space by having their offices in public buildings; the city could save the taxpayer a lot of money if they had those employees working from home. Your front line workers are the ones who aren't able to work remotely, and they should be paid a lot more and given way more hours for the hard jobs they do (they are your brand, not your other staff).

Réponse du 25 novembre 2019

Not sure how much more flexibility would be needed when they only offer 4hrs per week for most jobs (max 12 hrs per week).

Réponse du 25 novembre 2019
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