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National Capital Region, ON9 avis

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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Fun Workplace

Good Salary Free internetTeamworksHappy and Fun to workVery Respectful Managers and Employees Accessible to all kinds of transportation and mallsFire DrillsSafety First

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Friday Treats

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"Strong focus on work life balance

Telus focuses on ensuring every client has a pleasant experience. Commission structure is fair, as a part timer I regularly hit $33/hour. Management is fair, provides feedback as necessary. There are opportunities for growth, maybe not as many as I'd prefer, but they are available.

Points positifs

Work-life balance is a little bit difficult but achievable"

Points négatifs

"Strong focus on work life balance
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Great Place

TELUS International offers a very good place to work in gives good benefits compared to others and also listens to employees. work/life balance is also ok.
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it was great and fun to be part of telus internatieonal family

A typical day at my work is having a cup of coffee and eating my dinner as my shift begins at 9:30 pm. I learned different things that helped me in my personal and social matters like knowing different personalities and most of all learning some cultures of canada like celebrating their holidays and all. i can say that my workplace's culture is one of the best comparable to different companies here in manila as our company is more on hearing the voice of its employee. they give us always means to showcase and express thru engaging ourselves to organization which we are passionate about like music art sports and etc. we always undergo respectful workplace training so we would know the grounds and of course maintain an environment that stress manageable. Bullying is not tolerated here. Hardest part of the job is to speak to client who always speak profanity that sometimes make you a little bit anxious until you will just have to get use to it . the happiest part of being a telus employee is they don't forget to always give telus treats every month and throwing party every after quarters. :)
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Fun and respective workplace

Telus is my first BPO job. I have learned a lot on my work as we are communicating with our dealers that we support. I learned on how to communicate well with professionalism and of course giving sympathy and empathy to our dealers. Hardest part of the job is hitting our Metrix or score cards but I am able to manage it and get pass with my scores.

Points positifs

Friday Treat

Points négatifs

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Good Environment

Good workplace and Friendly Environment, Management is Good. I feel secured when I'm coming to work all the Time, I have a lot of friends because of Telus.

Points positifs

free Gym

Points négatifs

9 hours
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Productive and fun workplace

The job is not that easy and not that hard. Fair enough on how much they pay you monthly. Telus is a very friendly company. In fact, I never felt that I was a new agent when I first enter our office.

Points positifs

Females quarter, shower room, gym, wifi

Points négatifs

Long hours if needed
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Good company

This company will help you to grow more when it comes in your career and passion. I've been working here for more than 2 years and build a good relationship with friends, supervisor and manager.
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