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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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pas de vie sociale en dehors du call center pas de conges
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I have the flexibility that I need and able to help my daughter with home school

Training material is pretty straightforward but it does take sometime to understand of what is being asked from you in some of the tasks but overall it has been a great experience so far.

Points positifs

Pay is decent
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Priductive at fun while working

Telus International is a pro agent company, even the team leaders and OM's they will support you. The experience I had with Telus International is exemptional and amazing. They will provide an amzing training that you will needed in terms of your work environment.
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Happy here

Nice environment the people here are very friendly. The facilities are very clean. There are many benefits depending on the account. Good for starters.
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Great so far

Best for those who are detail oriented. I was able to pass the exam the first time but later found out a lot of people don’t pass it the first time around.
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The hardest about this job is getting work coming in steadily. The most enjoyable part about this job is you get to see different styles of clothing, jewelry, and products that you can rate and get paid.
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Management and technical support

I wouldn't recommend this job it's stressful, management is horrible there unorganized and nobody seems to ever know what is going on or how to do there job.

Points positifs

Pay is good as long as you keep track of it

Points négatifs

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Limited Work

Paid poorly, had limited work, and pay was monthly. No paid training, and the training available was for defunct programs. Very flexible hours however and you can work remotely. Not even good as a side gig.

Points positifs

flexible hours

Points négatifs

low pay, limited work
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A good org with many perks

Journey at telus is quite good till nowLearned a lot here and lead a team first time of 8 people . Little bit polictics but overall good experince. Would recommend

Points positifs

Good overtime pay, nyt allowance

Points négatifs

Job scurity
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Limited growth opportunities

Salaries are not at all worth it. Too much work for little pay.Growth is limited. Some contracts are better than others. Note that lunch is only 30 minutes, which is not realistic for customer service role.
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Easy but boring

The plus is that make your own hours at your convenience, but the type of work is very boring. You have to rate web contents , Watch YouTube videos, etc. it is perfect for a side job.
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Es el Trabajo extra ideal

Pienso que los puestos que ofrece telus son excelentes para trabajo extra ya que manejas los horarios como quieras y no hay demasiadas exigencias. Y hablo de trabajo extra porque no es un trabajo que te pueda dar estabilidad ya que todos los meses trabajas cantidades de horas diferentes y hay meses que cobras poco y nada y otros que podes sacar un buen salario.No hay demasiado contacto con personas de la empresa, todo es muy automatizado.Lo mas difícil primero es conseguir aprobar un examen de 3 partes que si bien es pasable, implica bastante estudio. Luego lo mas difícil es mantenerte dentro ya que tienen estándares de calidad bastante altos.La parte buena es que el salario, aunque es muy bajo a nivel internacional, sirve para vivir en países como argentina, también que manejas tus horarios, que es 100% remoto, y que no hay nadie atrás tuyo persiguiéndote
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Very tedious job.

There was alot of deception when i first got hired on this job. First they told me I would be working for tiktok as a content moderator then they switched me over to Barclays where i was a customer service representative for Barclays. It was very tedious.There is alot of micro management on this job and this company also had problems with paying people on time. They will forget to pay you on payday if you let them. It is also very hard to get in contact with any of the upper management or human resources. They don't even have a phone number that you can call them at when you look them up on google which is very suspicious.

Points positifs

Work from home

Points négatifs

Micro Management, tedious job duties
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Not the best

Try very hard to please their clients in order to keep contracts regardless of whether results are achievable or not. Don't listen to employee feedback.Managers are undertrained

Points positifs

Subsidised lunches, pay isn't bad

Points négatifs

Poorly managed, training is insufficient, demotivating environment
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Media Search Analyst

-pay is per task, and they expect to you complete an unrealistically high number of tasks per hour-job very repetiative, an enjoyable change of pace as a remote position for 2 - 3 months, but becomes very tedious after that

Points positifs

work from home, flexible hours

Points négatifs

not enough tasks, low pay
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Company went downhill after 2015

Extremely toxic environment that would have been otherwise the best place to work at (thanks to its employees) if it weren't for sneaky management trying to sink its employees at every chance they get. Way too much office politics going on behind the scenes while managers give you a fake smile. No matter how hard you work and get recognized, if you dream of advancing your career here, you can forget about it unless you are willing to become a bobble head yes man/woman.
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Straightforward and flexible work, but poor pay and unfulfilling

The work is, for the most part, very simple. However, the guidelines can sometimes be a bit ambiguous, which will require you to just do what you think is best. If you decide incorrectly, someone from management may reach out and tell you that your performance is lacking. The pay for the job is very poor; it is a decent way of making a bit of extra money on the side of a full-time job, but this job won't pay any bills by itself. The work is also not very fulfilling and there does not seem to be room for career advancement.

Points positifs

Relatively simple work, flexible hours, remote

Points négatifs

No management, sometimes unclear guidelines, poor pay, no career advancement
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Flexible but low job security

Their remote work is really flexible but they will fire anyone at any time. It’s also really hard to get in, you have to read 100-200 pages of guidelines and pass an exam.
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Great company

I love working in Telus, Cubao. The interview is smooth and I enjoyed the training. The environment is friendly and kind. You can use their computers by the pantry on your free time.
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Flexible Hours

The job is easy and the hours are flexible, it may take some time to get used to the platform but once you do it becomes a good source of some extra income.
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Réponse officielle de TELUS International

20 septembre 2022
Hello. Thank you for sharing your review. We appreciate it.

Good work life balance

Work is easy and the pay is also reasonable for the work done. Good support team and assistance. Incentive for top performers is a plus.
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