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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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pas de vie sociale en dehors du call center pas de conges
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The job is flexible and can work on your own schedule however pay is not good and there is no chance for raises. Also work can dry up and there is no stability
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good for extra money as a part time work i was miking about 5 USD per hour, so i could make about 200 usd per month, flexibility is good option their, i mange my time by myself
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A very toxic work culture at TES, No HR support/support, completely worker dominated.

It was a terrible assignment. Management is treated like garbage, there is no support at all from HR. You are expected to handle HR on your own, but not supported at all when you try. The environment is extremely toxic, with toxic team members protected by the union. Don't get brainwashed by the semi-ok pay and benefits. It isn't worth it. Politics, politics, politics. Get ready to be bullied and treated terribly.

Points négatifs

The bathroom smell is unbelievable.
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Great company

Awesome company, great benefits, great people, salary could be more competitive, people engaged. Management cares about its employees. Remote work, takes a little more work to get used to working from home adjustment.
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Lot of work. Lacks management The company has a old and Tired staff and working style. No innovation is there. Old process take a lot ofTime to reaponseGood pay
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Great people and culture, good management, overworked

Probably depends on what team you are in, but my experience was on a team that was excellent - everyone worked together, was very focused on doing the best for the customer, very smart and nice people always willing to help, no office politics. Management was pretty good - some better than others. Work from home was excellent. However, everyone was overworked, and it was somewhat stressful at times. There was so much that needed to be done that the team just couldn't get to.

Points positifs

Good benefits

Points négatifs

Potentially long hours
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Remote Work Available

Ability to pick your own schedule. Work is tough. Guidelines are very detailed and take time to learn. Hourly pay is good for a job where you can choose your own working hours.
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Time consuming work and strange guidelines

The work should have been a fun one considering you can complete it anywhere anytime. The truth is they gave you a guideline that is very far from reality and they constantly gave you warnings without fully explaining where and what you did wrong.
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Easy but can be lacking

Oftentimes I was waiting for work to do. It was easy work but waiting for something to do was boring. The training was simple, some things I needed extra help with because sometimes the training material wasn't too clear
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Very monotonous

The job was quite monotonous, sometimes, the things you will rate is just repeating and the pay is not good. wish they would make this an hourly job and offer the option to do it full time.
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Worst experience ever

Manger knew nothing, Moving targets so you never had a sense of success. Meeting for the sake of meetings. so much corporate red tape made it impossible to get your job done. Management didn't want to hear suggestions on how to improve the environment.
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"Telus: A Year of Empowerment, Innovation, and Fulfillment!"

As a former employee of Telus, I must say that my experience working there for a year was nothing short of extraordinary. From day one, I was welcomed with open arms into a vibrant and innovative work environment. The company's commitment to its employees and customers truly sets it apart from the rest.First and foremost, Telus truly values its employees' well-being and personal growth. They provide excellent training programs and continuous development opportunities that empowered me to excel in my role. The supportive management team was always available to lend a helping hand and provide constructive feedback to help me grow in my career.One of the things I loved most about Telus was the company's emphasis on work-life balance. They genuinely understand the importance of maintaining a healthy equilibrium between professional and personal life, and they actively encourage their employees to achieve this balance. This approach made me feel valued, which, in turn, boosted my overall productivity and job satisfaction.The teamwork and camaraderie among the employees were remarkable. Telus fosters a collaborative culture where every team member's ideas and opinions are respected and appreciated. I felt like my contributions were genuinely valued, and this motivated me to give my best effort every day.Moreover, Telus is at the forefront of innovation. They are always seeking new ways to improve their services and provide cutting-edge solutions to their customers. Working in such a dynamic and forward-thinking environment was both challenging and thrilling, as I got to be - 
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Total waste of time and energy

Don’t waste your time and energy. For my part I have spent several days learning a 100 page guidelines. I passed the long exam (more than 45 tasks to evaluate) without being paid for this time. When I was told i had been successfully on the exam, i was invited to start evaluation on tryrating platform. I did this during 3 days and on the 4th day i received a mail from the support team telling me that their needs have changed and they no longer need my service. They didn’t give any further explanations and nothing about whether i’ll be paid for the tasks i did already. This is very unprofessional!! Please don’t fall in this and don’t be tempted to apply because of convenience for working (remote and no schedule time). Also the pay is so bad!!! It doesn’t worth spending all this time and concentration.

Points positifs

No prod apart remote and no schedule for working

Points négatifs

So much!!! Unprofessional team that don’t give you enough explanations. Pay is so bad
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Productive and Fun

Enjoyed my work at TELUS International. Collaborative workplace and compensation is adequate. Work life balance is amazing and you have help from other colleagues who are always available to assist you
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Amazing Management Team

Great place to be at and the management team is really helpful. I had a really fun experience working here. I will recommend anybody who has a passion for sales.
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Flexible and Pressure Free

Work is very relaxing with minimum micro-management. You are allowed to work flexible hours and without any keen eye watching every movement. Salary may not be maximum.
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Communication zéro et jamais aucune mission disponible

Après avoir passé un test qui vous demande des heures de travail et d'investissement, ils vous confient quelques missions puis plus rien. Pas de son, pas d'image et aucune mission disponible. Aucun intérêt.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

pas de travail
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Productive and task oriented work Place

Had a fruitful and very eventful year while working on a project with TIHad immense support and encouragement from the team.Was a very rounded experienced and wish to work for more such assignments with them.
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It was fun at the place, I really enjoyed working there as everyone was friendly and I was treated right. I loved it because I was able to work in accordance of my university schedule
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Boring work

boring work, low paid but flexible schedule, and can do wherever you want. you have to follow the long guideline when rating the tasks. Only communicating through email
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