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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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pas de vie sociale en dehors du call center pas de conges
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Great place to work but pay is much less than market.

Great place to work, good work culture and work-life balance. however they say - they pay 85% of market standard, which I believe much lower. home-office work culture.
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No work available

I have been hired as an Internet Safety Evaluator and I was told to start urgently, but there are never any tasks available. And since it's paid per time spent on task, I expect my first monthly pay to be of about 20$...Length admission process and training for crumbs.
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Good working environment

Its a good place to work with respect to supporting colleagues and manager. Salary is ok but not competitive to the job market. Future aspirations are asked for but no steps take. Towards the same.
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Work is flexible but work is not engaging or interesting

Job is very flexible but pay is extremely low. There are some interesting tasks but most of the time the tasks are repetitive and not interesting. Fine for someone who is looking to do something and doesn't mind getting extremely low pay.
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Manque de professionnalisme

Manque de professionnalisme. Manque de considération pour les employés. Mauvaise expérience à telus international Philippines.
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Choose your own hours

Very repetitive boring work, pay is OK, but it's nice that you can work whatever hours you want. Additionally there are no minimum hours and you can work from anywhere.

Points positifs

Work from anywhere

Points négatifs

Low Pay
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Flexible, Relaxed

Remote job with different tasks. Relaxed, with a lot of flexibility. AI community jobs provides great options for part time remote options that are good for career development.
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nice place

it was a good comoany for newbie because it is an employee first company, MAke sure to follow the job description when applying here. Everithing was fine, not too much with th
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A Miserable Job

Frequent, unpaid training.They say you have flexibility in your hours, then threaten to terminate you if you don't do the maximum allowable number.Guidelines that are incomplete, contradictory, and clearly written by someone whose first language was not English.No raises. Ever.
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Exciting work but slow to promote

Great experience building and lots of autonomy in role. Not enough recognition via promotion and pay raises. Coworkers are great, very collaborative and helpful.

Points positifs

Exciting work; lots of autonomy

Points négatifs

Slow to promote
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Independent position but the task rates are low

It's a very independent position with little to no interaction with management. Pay is based on task and the rates are low. But you work on your own time and everything is learned by reading.
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Decent commission, boring days, boring training

Worked at Telus selling phones in store. Luckily I worked over the holiday season when iphones sell themselves and the commission on them is great. Other than those times business was slow and often wed go an entire shift with no customers. High pressure to sell extremely over priced add ons that no one was interested in.
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Good company. A little bit kind of stressful job but at the end it’s call center industry.

Good company. A little bit kind of stressful job but at the end it’s call center industry.Worked for Koodo Mobile Canada. Managers were always rushing and expecting even more

Points positifs

Good location and site

Points négatifs

Call center
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Almost no work

The work is paid well, it is incredibly easy. The interview test was hard and you have to study. The problem is tasks are never available... So good luck actually getting payed decently

Points positifs

good salary good incentives

Points négatifs

almost no work
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Pay is good enough with the work I have

I like this company and the job it offered me. The amount of time I spend on work worth this amount of money that I get. I am also surprised that they provide some assistance over internet.

Points positifs

Pay enough for the job
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Meilleur employeur que j'ai eu!

Beaucoup d'avantages sociaux et salaire très compétitif!
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Productive and cooperative staff memebers

* a typical day at work* I learnt skills of sorting and time management.* No discrimination best work culture without any religion and caste issues.* Long lectures in assembly like school in the morning.

Points positifs

Engaging environment

Points négatifs

Long hours might overtime
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Stressful job

You are working under pressure and the police atmosphere prevails.You may simply lose your job,They give more ads for organizational development, but if they see that you are thinking of promotion, they will provide the ground for your dismissal.

Points positifs

You can buy Telus stock!

Points négatifs

Stressful job, arrogant subject matter experts which are not helping you., Cowardly managers who sacrifice you for their ambition.
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Fun Workplace

Good Salary Free internetTeamworksHappy and Fun to workVery Respectful Managers and Employees Accessible to all kinds of transportation and mallsFire DrillsSafety First

Points positifs

Friday Treats

Points négatifs

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Regional managers

Regional managers are terrorists. Treat store management like dogs and humiliate them every chance they get. I even see a manager cry on a conference call because of how much they push you around and try to make a fool of you.. WORST COMPANY EVER.. i would never buy from them on principal human rights.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Treat management worst than dogs
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