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The company is a bureaucratic nightmare and when you have an issue don't expect help, contact HR and see if anyone gets back to you or figure it out through their internal websites. Management is only out for their own jobs, they don't care about front-line staff and they understand staff will either be soon replaced, quit, be fired, or burn out so there is no effort made to keep them. The work from home during Covid is a mess, equipment is low end and does not do the job. My advice if you get a job, buy your own headset, keyboard and mouse because what they send is junk. Consider why they are always hiring, even now when no one is, must be people leaving due to the stress or why leave a job when few are out there? If there were more jobs in the market I would be looking for a way out. Worst decision I ever made to work here
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stress, unknown policies, terrible internal communication despite this being a telecom, the amount of self-congratulations they give themselves for their business is nauseating
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