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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction afin que les employés restent chez TELUS Communications?

12 réponses

Stop taking stances on polarizing political issues, lgtbq - anti bullying- mental health -not saying Merry Christmas --- stay focused on the business itself. It divides your employees and feels like brainwashing,

Get some ethics and professionalism

Treating your employees with respect any giving them training so they can answer any questions that a customer might have

Cant protect from downsizing

Improve training programs to better help staff assimilate in to their new positions and not drag the work for others. Trust and Job Security is not there. Union help is none existent since last bargaining deal.

Give more autonomy to the front line and mid-level managers.

Show the same respect to your employees that they show your customers. You do not want humans working for you, you want robots you can program and you are probably already working on that. Shame.

Better direction from director and VP level mgt

Be competitive with salary

Treat employees like people

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