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Bonne compagnie où travailler en général. Les payes sont bonnes, les différents avantages sont de qualité, régime d'achat d'actions de l'entreprise en plus!Maiiisssss malheureusement, haute gestion qui a eut raison de la santé mentale de moi ainsi que de d'autres collègues. Le micromanaging était insoutenable. On se sentait géré comme des enfants et non comme des managers. Très triste..
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Fun and exciting

I really like telus as a work place as I am a student and they’re accommodating to my hours and I still get a good pay. Obviously it is a commission job so the more you put in effort the better the pay. Managers are also very chill but lately they have been taking numbers and everything more seriously.
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Decent benefits and pay

Good benefits including $700 personal wellness and $5000 for mental health. Unfortunately the company I worked for was acquired by Telus and several of us high performers have been let go since the acquisition.

Points négatifs

Large corp only cares about itseslf
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Has gone downhill over 2 decades

-Does not care about employee loyalty or reward with decent $ compensation-Pushes to move up, by making clerical roles a negative powerless experience-once in Management there is no job security-toxic environment of fear
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Great employer

Great company culture, lots of opportunities and great work life balance. Lots of ways for growth and explore. Lots of benefits and flexibility for workers and in a professional role.
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People & Culture

Learning opportunities. Enjoyable - teammates are very supportive. Ability to work from home. Recognition and awards. Different products and services that you can offer to cx.
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Decent pay and benefits, good coworkers, but that's about it

The training period was fairly comprehensive with a competent facilitator, and the following ride-alongs with senior technicians are usually beneficial. But once you are cleared to work as a technician, almost everything from there on is extremely flawed. The job scheduling is very erratic, the jobs are often under-quoted ("SWT'd") for the time needed to properly complete, and the dispatchers can often spring jobs on you even if you have no time for those extra jobs. And then once you receive the jobs on your job board, they are often missing proper information, contain information that has nothing relevant to that particular job, or are just created because an angry Telus customer coerced the phone agent to create the ticket.The tools and vehicles provided by Telus are often sufficient. But if you require assistance from the Cable Repair team or Network team - who are vastly under funded for the scope of the operations - you and the customer can both be stuck waiting for long periods of time to fix the problem. Likewise can be said for phone supports offered to technicians - it is all off-shored, and though the agents are often very helpful, it is just like dealing with any large company over the phone. Except you are trying to squeeze these calls into an 8 hour day, where you usually have 2-4 other jobs to get to still.The metrics system that Telus employs to grade their technicians is no better. You are expected to install products (and also fix problems with the very trouble prone products and infrastructure), but this accounts for very little on your scorecard. The - 
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Really Amazing Place to Work

Telus goes above and beyond for each and every one of its sales representatives. The commission structure is also one of the best there is and the benefits are great
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Telus is a very good company to work for.I worked from home so no stress..sales are a little difficult to come by but overall ..great colleagues and fun
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Great managers

I love working here however im not too sure when we will be outsourced overseas to Telus international. On the business side all the managers are competent and respectful
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Great part time job for students but horrible full time job

Company doesn’t actually care for employees. They only care about their profit. The only good thing about here is the employee share plan. Management doesn’t care about those below. They set very high and unrealistic targets and then threaten to let you go when you fall short. I’ve never had to take stress leave because of work but this was honestly my worst job experience and had to request medical leave a couple times to nurture myself back to health from all the stress and constant threats of job loss .
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Professional, fast paced, good money, great benefit package.

They have 2 offices one being a beautiful Telus building in downtown montreal, and one on Transcanadienne Avenue, small and old, looks like typical call center office, but free parking there! Usually you can choose where to go depending on what works best for you. Nice pay and good commissions especially in your first 4 months of working there since your sales targets are lower. They provide you with necessary training honestly it is a very good company to work for. Really good benefits and really good severance package!
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A passionate and energized digital company

A day at work, fastHow to deal with a myriad of personalities a many sales modalitiesManagement is fierceCulture is philanthropicThe workloadThe customers

Points positifs

Time off

Points négatifs

The workload
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Belle équipe

Belle équipe, grand magasin avec bcq de clients, commissions qui font des belles paies. Tu fais ta propre clientèle, beaucoup de clients qui viennent pour des problèmes techniques par contre
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Excellent Organization & Amazing Culture

Telus is a great place to work with an amazing work culture and gives employees an great sense of belonging and an altruistic place that is focused on giving back to the communities it serves.
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Used to be a good place but no transparency

Used to be a great place to work but operation (call center) was all moved offshore.We were all lied and got either fired or packaged out! Upper management were never transparent and honest about our long term !
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Management is great and they are fair. Nice environment great people . Only good news I can’t complain. Nice environment great people . Fun place to learn.
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Work-life balance, flexible workplace

Beneficial for those looking for WLB, and flexibility for remote work - however, there may be hindrances for market-rate compensation as salaries increases are does not outpace inflation
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Good for entry level

A great start for entry level with little to no experience job seekers. Employees do not last more than two years. Work get repetitive. Same thing every day
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Great place to work.

Its a great workplace. The manager is very understanding and you learn a lot on the job. Do not need any previous experience just the acumen and drive to do better everyday.
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Horrible Payroll Department

Horrendous payroll department. You can go months without getting paid. They will not return emails and almost impossible to speak to a human. Lots of job cuts recently causing chaos.
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