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Bonne compagnie où travailler en général. Les payes sont bonnes, les différents avantages sont de qualité, régime d'achat d'actions de l'entreprise en plus!Maiiisssss malheureusement, haute gestion qui a eut raison de la santé mentale de moi ainsi que de d'autres collègues. Le micromanaging était insoutenable. On se sentait géré comme des enfants et non comme des managers. Très triste..
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Lack of support

Remote manager with little interest in what you are doing and lack of training and support. Basically, you are on your own and frequent layoff rounds even while they are hiring for similar jobs in the same department.
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Great pay and work life balance

The pay is great if you know sales, work life balance is good with paid sick days and great healthcare. 40% of plans and many other perks. One thing I would say is they do micro manage which I do not like.
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Glad to be out of this company!

Work is non stop. Tools are not always available. Continuously monitored. If your mouse doesn’t move after 30 seconds, they assume that you are not working. Very depressing culture at work

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Points négatifs

Feels like you are owned by the company
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Good company to work for

flexibility to work, but could be challenging sometimes as hours get longer sometimes, less pay compared to ohers in market, Work life balance is ok ok
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Avantage de travailler à distance mais horaire a revoir car pas flexible pour une personne vivant avec des enfants c’est difficile d’accommoder son horaire avec celui de ses enfants
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Getting worse over time

Used to be good, but commission structure has gotten worse and worse over time. Market is an oligopoly so pretty hard to get any significant traction. A lot of their products are scams but managers will force you to try and sell it to people who don’t need it. Try working a different industry, telecom is washed up.
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Great Culture

Exceptions to every rule, but overall great leadership, flexibility, great work life balance and working from home 5 days a week. The company is visionary with many branches that separate us from our competitors that are designed to help make the world a better place
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This was before Telus became Telus international so it might have changed now. Back in the day yes the volume of calls was high but the training was good and the team atmosphere was great. The pay was decent and benefits was great. With the whole international thing this has changed so please listen to other reviewers.
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Amazing place to work and grow

What is the best part of working at the company?Telus is an amazing company to work for What is the most stressful part about working at the company?I haven’t experienced much stress, just regular day to day tasks and obligations What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Amazing supportive team, positive environment, respectful colleagues . What is a typical day like for you at the company?Multiple projects management, multi tasking, meetings, etc.
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Just a bloody mess

- Poor Pay- Position I was promised in 2 years time was eliminated- Expectation to sell, sell, sell when hired as a technician. Telus already upsells constantly, a tech is in the customer's home for INSTALL or REPAIR, nobody enjoyed being told about services they don't want/need (cable/security/a bad cellphone contract) for the 50th time- Out-of-touch manager with 0 technical knowledge, aka useless when asked for assistance, just asks about more sales.- Having a 'score card' and being asked about 'poor sales metrics'- Manager would discuss the details of the union contract inaccurately- Usually notes on jobs are inaccurate due to poor training of phone agents- Dispatch phones you to put a job on your day after you've already indicated you'll be stuck on a current job.- Constantly having to clean up bad contractor workOnly positive part was all of the other great technicians, all great people, who you will see demoralized and quitting around you.

Points positifs

Telus Shares

Points négatifs

Extremely poorly structured corporate landscape
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Productive and fun workplace

Solid place to work, nice people mostly. Pay is ok. Wish there was a way to move up faster but it feels like a lot of things come down to seniority instead of skills
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Great experience

What is the best part of working at the company?Good team. Great support from managersWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?They force you to do sales even when you were not hired for that, and that count as part of your technical performance.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?There is a great group of peopleWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Orders on your board, and start the day directly with your first customer.
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Don’t care about customer service anymore only sales

I worked for telus for over 12 years . When I first started at telus we we empowered to do everything within our power to help the customer with a customer first mentality .. since 2021 they added a sales target and this target never left .. I don’t mind selling a bit but sales pressure and sneaky tactics is not for me so I took the buyout package as my department was sent overseas .. Iam sad to see this once go amazing company go down hill .. and I don’t think they will survive if competition enters the Canadian telecom market .. seems like greed took over on the upper management.. they also stopped investing in their systems and don’t mind keeping customers on hold and upsetting them yet at the same time expect customers to buy their products
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Worst experience with manager

What is the best part of working at the company?Telus is good but my manager are not helping me out What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Sales are not easy as expected interms of door to doorWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Worst day feel dizzy after walking 10-15 kilometers a day and have nothing at the end
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Mentally depleting

Worked there for 15 years. Never thought I’d leave until the last couple years when making sales outweighed everything else you do. Offshoring all other positions so there is no advancing anymore.

Points positifs

Wages and benefits

Points négatifs

Sales pressure, offshoring so you can’t apply for other roles
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Good team spirit, executives are not good people

The immediate team you work for such as your co-workers, local support and some of the managers were some of the best I ever had. There is something special about the group you get hired with, you help out each other is someone is struggling, managers are very good about sick days and not forcing overtime onto you. Some of the dispatch team were excellent people. However the call center transitioned from folks in Edmonton and BC to the Philippines one year and it just went down ever since, orders were screwed up every single day, and they didn't know what they were talking about when you needed them to fix something on the back end. Management became stressed, mandatory sales targets came in otherwise you will get fired (for service technicians....yeah make that make sense please). The union is useless and just bends to the will of the TELUS executives, and the CEO is a terrible human being.

Points positifs

Customers were rad 99% of the time, amazing co-workers, dental benefits were the best in the country (100% coverage).

Points négatifs

The executives hate technicians and will run this company into the ground
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Compensation is poor, highly competitive environment, good variety in the work, good support for additional education and lots of room to move/grow with the company
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Good pay and benefit

They have above average pay, good health benefit that is much better than the standard one, decent vacation package grow as you stay longer, generous bonus system.
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Good place to work

Flexible work environment, fully remote, good benefits package, pay is only average. Provides 40% discounts on cell phone, internet and tv services. Relatively stable
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It’s alright

Work is great if you reaaally love customer service. Like, complaints and impatience side of customer service. There are days it gets terrible, especially around holidays and during the summer. However, it’s not the worst. Pays the bills.

Points positifs

Cell phone benefits

Points négatifs

Terrible customers
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